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From the about section: Synthesizing data from the published literature is critical to addressing a wide range of questions, ranging from the history and future of global biodiversity to the evolution of continental crust. Doing ...

2 days ago


From the about section: Macrostrat is designed to facilitate the testing of hypotheses related to the spatial and temporal distribution of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and proxy data extracted from them. It ...

7 days ago

FOA-0001202 Researcher Database Template and User Guide

This dataset contains both the FOA-0001202 researcher database template and user guide. All results recorded in this template will be made publically available on NETL's database exchange web portal ...

9 days ago

NETL EDX REE Field Sampling Data

NETL R&IC (Research and Innovation Center (formerly ORD - Office of Research and Development) has developed a data base with REE field sample inventory and analytical characterization results for coal and related by-product ...

20 days ago