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1170-MW(t) HTGR-SC/C application study report: direct steam retorting of oil shale

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This report describes the application of a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) that operates in a steam cycle/cogeneration (SC/C) mode to supply process heat, process steam, and electricity for the recovery of oil from shale using a direct steam retorting process. The economic merits of integrating an 1170-MW(t) HTGR-SC/C plant with the direct steam retorting process are assessed, along with those of an indirect gas retorting process assisted by an HTGR-SC/C plant and the standard product oil/gas-fired heat source. The energy requirements for a large commercial direct steam retorting process producing 8590 m/sup 3//D (54,030 B/D) of hydrogenated oil were developed for a bench scale test. The assumed plant location for this present study is northwestern Colorado. Ten modular retorts provide 2.68 x 10/sup 6/ kg/h (70,000 T/D) of retorting capacity and yield a net of 8590 m/sup 3//D (54,030 B/D) of hydrogenated shale oil. All mining, process, and support facilities necessary for retorting oil shale are included. A heat balance/steam cycle diagram is included showing the integration of an 1170-MW(t) HTGR-SC/C plant with the process and the cogeneration of 257 MW(e) electric power. A preliminary cost estimate of a commercial direct steam retorting plant shows a price of $41.08 (1983 $, 30-y levelized) per barrel of upgraded shale oil for a 2005 plant startup of an 1170-MW(t) HTGR-SC/C plant.


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Citation Rao, R.
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Publication Date 7/1/1983