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20 atmosphere rig PFBC test results: Test 13, investigations into the use of two-stage air admission

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A test has been carried out in the 20 atm 1 ft x 1 ft pressurized fluidized-bed combustor to investigate the effect on NO/sub x/ emission of two-stage air admission. Operating conditions were 16 and 10 atm pressure; 1560/sup 0/F bed temperature; 4 ft/s fluidizing velocity related to the bed surface; and 13 to 70% overall excess air. Between 5% and 50% of the total air was admitted at a level 5.6 ft above the main distributor (bed height was c.9 ft) which meant that the nominal excess air in the bottom part of the bed varied between -33% (i.e. sub-stoichiometric) and 20%. Introducing the air in two stages slightly reduced NO/sub x/ emission (by about 20%). The reduction in NO/sub x/ emission was not, however, related to the proportion of the air supplied to the second stage. The reduction was no greater with strongly reducing than with slightly oxidizing conditions at the bottom of the bed. Data on combustion efficiency and sulphur retention are included in the report. Sulphur retention appeared to be improved by two-stage air admission, but combustion efficiency was slightly lower.

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