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A 32-month gasifier mechanistic study and downstream unit process development program for the pressurized ash-agglomerating fluidized bed gasification system: Quarterly report, August 1-September 30, 1984

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This progress report discusses activities performed during the first two months under the new contract, DE-AC21-84MC21063, which covers a 32-month gasifier mechanistic study and focuses on hot gas cleanup and combined cycle generation encompassing the development of two complementary and innovative technologies: in-bed desulfurization and external desulfurization. Detailed design of the hot gas cleanup system for external desulfurization was initiated this period, and an engineering assessment was completed which indicates in-bed desulfurization is feasible using the present PDU configuration. A test plan was prepared for the first in-bed desulfurization test, and modifications were begun to conduct this test in December 1984. PDU modifications and operations were implemented for the conduct of PDU test TP-035-4 in July and August, 1984. The first portion of this test was a cold flow test which was conducted July 19 and 20. Eleven set points were completed, varying the system pressure from 240 to 17 psig and collecting qualitative data using impact probe assemblies. The latter part of TP-035-4 was the fourth mechanistic study performed on the PDU, and it was conducted between July 24 and August 31. The fixed carbon content of the low-grade North Dakota lignite used was 26%, a value lower than any coal previously tested at the PDU. Also, during this test, a Pennsylvania anthracite coal was used to replace coke breeze which is normally used for PDU startup, idling, and shutdown operations. It was difficult to start the PDU with these unique feedstocks, and two premature shutdowns occurred before a successful startup strategy was reached. During this report period, the topical report covering test operations at KRW cold flow scaleup facility (CFSF) was completed and test data was prepared and submitted to DOE. A theoretical analysis was completed which focused on design procedures for a multiple-jet configuration for future testing at CFSF. 25 figs., 14 tabs.

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