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A 32-month gasifier mechanistic study and downstream unit process development program for the pressurized ash-agglomerating fluidized-bed gasification system: Quarterly technical progress report, July--September 1987

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The external hot gas cleanup system at the PDU was commissioned in July 1986. From July 1986 to September 1987, six tests were completed to develop the zinc ferrite desulfurization process. In this quarter, the integrated coal gasification hot gas cleanup systems at the PDU were operated to complete tests plans TP-037-5 and TP-037-6. An evaluation was completed of all previous external hot gas cleanup tests during the reporting period, and the findings were used to develop a PDU test program to improve external hot gas cleanup system performance in the polishing mode (a product gas velocity <2000 hr/sup /minus/1/ and an H/sub 2/S/COS desulfurizer inlet concentration <600 ppM). A variety of test conditions (from tests TP-037-1 through TP-037-5) were studied. The results showed that the hot gas cleanup potential of zinc ferrite in the PDU has been demonstrated, achieving near equilibrium concentrations of H/sub 2/S/COS (<10 ppM) in the product gas exiting the desulfurizer. Six additional laboratory tests were conducted to study tracer gas concentration profiles in a jetting fluidized bed. These data were analyzed along with previous data from the Westinghouse R D 30-cm unit and the KRW 3-meter Cold Flow Scaleup Facility to obtain dimensionless concentration profiles in a fluidized bed as a function of the jet velocity, the bed density, and the injection location of two materials representing two modes of gasifier operation. These data were input to the PDU mechanistic model to predict gasifier performance. 80 figs., 30 tabs.

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