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A novel approach to hydrogen recovery, storage and transport: Final technical report

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The obtaining of high purity hydrogen from the coal gasification process is a series of chemical reactions, several of which require preparation/purification. At any point in the process, it would be useful to have a chemical separation system which can purify the product hydrogen and store it in convenient form. The purpose of this research program is to evaluate one such candidate system, the catalytically reversible hydrogenation of an aromatic hydrocarbon, toluene, to its corresponding cyclical paraffin, methylcyclohexane. In this reaction scheme, the hydrogen present in the product flow from, in principle, any reaction in the coal gasification process is extracted from the flow by reaction with toluene, a readily transportable liquid at ambient temperatures, to form methylcyclohexane, MCH, which is also a liquid at ambient conditions. The hydrogen stored in the organic hydride could therefore be transported and released when desired in the reverse reaction to give recoverable toluene and the desired hydrogen. 13 refs., 30 figs., 22 tabs.

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Publication Date 12/1/1988