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Glaciated Low Plateau Section

The datasets cannot be viewed with a web browser. They must be used with a GIS software program that is capable of importing shapefiles or ESRI geodatabase files. Free software for viewing shapefiles may be obtained from the ESRI web site.

The files have been compressed to limit the time needed for downloading. The compressed files have a “.zip” extension after their names. You will need an “unzipping” tool or utility to successfully extract the information. Sizes of the statewide compressed files are listed below. Sizes of the compressed files for the physiographic sections are all less than 15 MB.

The dataset files do not contain color tables or map explanations. However, colors and symbols for the map units by physiographic section may be assigned by the user through available symbology styles. For detailed information on the geologic units, see the digital bedrock geology page.

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Glaciated Low Plateau Section 09-25-2013 | 09:13 AM Eastern
Glaciated Low Plateau Section 09-25-2013 | 09:12 AM Eastern
Glaciated Low Plateau 09-25-2013 | 09:10 AM Eastern

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