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Macrostrat is designed to facilitate the testing of hypotheses related to the spatial and temporal distribution of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and proxy data extracted from them. It aims to become a community resource for the addition, editing, and access of new macrostratigraphic, lithological, environmental, and economic data. Interactive applications built upon Macrostrat are designed for educational and research purposes.

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    From the about section: Macrostrat is designed...
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Citation In presentations: Acknowledge Macrostrat by name. You may also include any of the Macrostrat logos accessible on this webpage. In publications: Acknowledge Macrostrat as the source of any information or data. A citable paper describing the Macrostrat data model, technical infrastructure, and current data set is forthcoming. In addition, you should also include citations to the original references associated with the data set that was used. These references are accessible from the API. If you would like your paper listed in the official publications, please contact us and we will provide a citation and link!
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