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Facts and data about Ohio hydrocarbon wells

Facts and data about Ohio hydrocarbon wells.

Includes: -(From the site:) "Location and formation top information for 749 wells in northwestern Ohio used in preparation of Report of Investigations No. 143: Stratigraphy, structure, and production history of the Trenton Limestone (Ordovician) and adjacent strata in northwestern Ohio" -"Well information and records from the Risk-Based Data Management System (RBDMS), created and maintained by the ODNR Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management. DDF2 contains all recorded Knox or deeper wells in the eastern half of the state plus all of the wells contained in RBDMS for the western half of the state (5,381 as of July 2009)." -Ohio oil and gas pools/fields; Stratigraphic units codes; County names and API codes; Unique township names in Ohio; and USGS 7.5-minute quadrangles in Ohio.

Plus downloadable data available for purchase.

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