{"creator_user_id": "cc1ece78-54fe-4294-8885-8e2bfaa87d7b", "id": "86901799-1554-4783-978f-5d32da22b655", "metadata_created": "2019-08-26T12:18:23.516483", "metadata_modified": "2019-08-26T12:18:23.516483", "name": "bell-creek-2014-seismic-survey-amplitude-difference", "notes": "Seismic monitoring survey at Bell Creek 2014; showing the RMS amplitude difference between the monitor 2014 and baseline 2012 survey. \r\n\r\nThe raster layers represent a map of the RMS amplitude slice between the horizons Springen Ranch and the Skull Creek (Muddy Formation) enclosing the Bell Creek sand reservoir at the Bell Creek oil field. This gridded dataset was interpolated within ArcGIS based upon seismic amplitude values measured across the study area. \r\n\r\nMonitor2014 contains 3 rasters:\r\n-ClpMon2014 is the monitoring survey.\r\n-Clp2014ovr15 is the 2014 monitor survey clipped down to where it overlaps the 2015 monitor survey.\r\n-ClpDiff1412 is the RMS amplitude difference between the monitor 2014 and baseline 2012 survey.\r\n\r\nAdditional information regarding this data and interpretations can be found in the following document:\r\nSalako, O., Livers., A.J., Burnison, S.A., Hamling, J.A., Wildgust, N., Gorecki, C.D., Glazewski, K.A., and Heebink, L.V., 2017, Analysis of Expanded Seismic Campaign: Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership Phase III draft Task 9 Deliverable D104 for U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory Cooperative Agreement No. DE-FC26-05NT42592, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Energy & Environmental Research Center, June.\r\n", "num_resources": 0, "num_tags": 5, "package_reviewed": true, "private": false, "state": "active", "title": "Bell Creek 2014 Seismic Survey - Amplitude Difference", "type": "dataset", "extras": [{"key": "citation", "value": "Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota, 2014, Bell Creek 2014 seismic survey\u2014amplitude difference: 2012\u20132015, compiled September 2018, https://edx.netl.doe.gov/dataset/bell-creek-2014-seismic-survey-amplitude-difference."}, {"key": "netl_product", "value": "yes"}, {"key": "poc_email", "value": "william.aljoe@netl.doe.gov"}, {"key": "point_of_contact", "value": "William Aljoe"}, {"key": "program_or_project", "value": "PCOR Phase III"}], "groups": [{"description": "This is a group to bring together data resources related to all open carbon storage data on EDX", "display_name": "Carbon Storage Open Database", "id": "f316636f-1bd3-4713-b2e2-308d915490de", "image_display_url": "", "name": "carbon-storage-open-database", "title": "Carbon Storage Open Database"}, {"description": "Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership: PCOR.", "display_name": "RCSP - PCOR", "id": "331b0f34-602f-4896-8c98-9f7e796f40fd", "image_display_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/groups/rcsp-pcor/2019-01-30T10:30:36.417278.png", "name": "rcsp-pcor", "title": "RCSP - PCOR"}], "resources": [{"id": "420cf0ce-968a-4c6f-a5b1-f7cdd1daad8c", "package_id": "86901799-1554-4783-978f-5d32da22b655", "revision_id": "c31c3961-89c1-4f5b-a668-c446ed3427fc", "url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/storage/f/edx/2018/09/2018-09-05T21:52:46.081Z/1d393d89-3037-4f2b-8e5d-141440049eed/w001001.adf", "format": "ADF", "description": "", "hash": "md5:a9c90c2d0cd702ab7bff5f8ef9dafb97", "position": null, "name": "w001001.adf", "resource_type": "file.upload", "mimetype": null, "mimetype_inner": null, "size": 21383830, "created": "2018-09-05T17:53:12", "last_modified": "2018-09-05T17:53:12", "cache_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/storage/f/2018-09-05T21%3A52%3A46.081Z/w001001.adf", "cache_last_updated": null, "url_type": "upload", "state": "active", "license_type": "cc-by-sa", "folder_id": "cd4a748c-1726-4d29-8c90-921b6cba2850", "owner_org": null, "recycle_removed": false, "rating": null, "owner": "hvettleson", "cache_url_updated": "2018-09-05T17:53:12", "key": "2018-09-05T21:52:46.081Z/w001001.adf", "revision_timestamp": "August 26, 2019, 16:10:26 (EST)", "intended_use_auth": false, "datastore_active": false}], "tags": [{"display_name": "Bell Creek", "id": "95a25584-2582-4703-9d4a-aaf8c0596efb", "name": "Bell Creek", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "GIS", "id": "fef129aa-0621-4f28-a245-8361fe83c5ec", "name": "GIS", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "PCOR", "id": "000146ea-2d90-4a78-b7c7-53272d6ab97f", "name": "PCOR", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "Phase III", "id": "9ec31bbd-4870-43ab-92ab-2097a4c33a77", "name": "Phase III", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "seismic", "id": "4f283ef5-00dd-4a3f-be70-b6edd397396e", "name": "seismic", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}], "submission_authors": []}