{"creator_user_id": "1d5c8eda-2115-4648-b9c3-b15a17497cda", "id": "8bb2ef92-c7d2-464f-bcce-8fd7e8a405a7", "metadata_created": "2020-03-20T00:31:21.032941", "metadata_modified": "2020-07-28T15:08:41.750028", "name": "co2_brine_relative_permeability_database", "notes": "Raw data and processed relative permeability curves for brine and super-critical CO2 measurements. .", "num_resources": 0, "num_tags": 5, "package_reviewed": true, "poc_id": "1d5c8eda-2115-4648-b9c3-b15a17497cda", "private": false, "state": "active", "title": "CO2_Brine_Relative_Permeability_Database", "type": "tool", "extras": [{"key": "citation", "value": "Dustin Crandall, Johnathan Moore, Seth King, CO2_Brine_Relative_Permeability_Database, 3/19/2020, https://edx.netl.doe.gov/dataset/co2_brine_relative_permeability_database"}, {"key": "netl_product", "value": "yes"}, {"key": "poc_email", "value": "Dustin.Crandall@netl.doe.gov"}, {"key": "point_of_contact", "value": "Dustin Crandall"}, {"key": "program_or_project", "value": "RIC"}, {"key": "tool_image_url", "value": ""}], "groups": [{"description": "Tools provide access to data and information assembled as custom themes of high interest. Tools are standard, static, frameworks; however, the data presented within them may update and change with time, thus offering fresh and current information. Tools may accommodate spatial and/or non-spatial data. Some Tools are designed to allow the Tool to communicate with EDX servers to allow for searching, querying, and displaying data.", "display_name": "EDX Tools", "id": "92c6fd10-1f22-495a-8019-4b6e1a64cc29", "image_display_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/groups/edx-tools/2020-06-23T14:30:45.604031.png", "name": "edx-tools", "title": "EDX Tools"}], "resources": [{"id": "c22713be-a529-49ca-bce6-db76245445ce", "package_id": "8bb2ef92-c7d2-464f-bcce-8fd7e8a405a7", "revision_id": "db0108e2-31ca-48e5-ac17-f5ebb0b113e0", "url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/hosting/co2bra/", "format": "HTML", "description": "This database and toolset were created within the Research and Innovation Center at the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). This work was conducted as part ongoing work to characterize relative permeability of carbon dioxide (CO2) and in-situ brine within both conventional and unconventional reservoir types for the purposes of CO2 sequestration and enhanced oil recovery. The database is an attempt to broadly characterize multiple depositional environments, per the NETL carbon storage atlas for the purposes of identifying target reservoirs for exploitation and providing freely accessible data that is otherwise computationally and financially prohibitive to obtain. ", "hash": "", "position": null, "name": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/hosting/co2bra/", "resource_type": "link", "mimetype": "", "mimetype_inner": null, "size": 0, "created": "2020-03-19T20:33:04.926192", "last_modified": "2020-03-19T20:33:04.926192", "cache_url": null, "cache_last_updated": null, "url_type": "", "state": "active", "license_type": "notspecified", "folder_id": "root", "owner_org": null, "recycle_removed": false, "fgdc_metadata": false, "rating": null, "edit": "0", "new-sub": "1", "pkg_name": "co2_brine_relative_permeability_database", "datastore_active": false, "key": "", "owner": "medustin", "revision_timestamp": "March 20, 2020, 00:33:07 (EST)", "intended_use_auth": false}], "tags": [{"display_name": "CO2BRA", "id": "3091c929-477b-4626-af97-b834a4fbe2a5", "name": "CO2BRA", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "Relative Permeability", "id": "61d2a985-46f6-4e02-9a3c-d18bbc4857ae", "name": "Relative Permeability", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "carbon dioxide sequestration", "id": "d7a7f827-a2fe-4e66-b932-b62b70bbffc7", "name": "carbon dioxide sequestration", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "core flow", "id": "8b388194-79e6-49e3-8099-72c094932982", "name": "core flow", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "super-critical CO2", "id": "4939b573-c4d8-4a3b-8abd-0b66e3d1d3db", "name": "super-critical CO2", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}], "submission_authors": []}