{"creator_user_id": "d145d0e3-de8c-416e-9681-f2390bd5c946", "id": "0d52a90d-d4b2-4120-ab90-4309603e7647", "metadata_created": "2014-05-14T17:48:38.116022", "metadata_modified": "2014-05-14T17:55:53.955109", "name": "ohio-oil-gas-well-database", "notes": "This database, produced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, allows users to search for specific well information.\r\n\r\n*Personal Note: During last use, the Ohio DNR server kept returning errors without data. You need to know what specific well you want to find.", "num_resources": 0, "num_tags": 4, "package_reviewed": true, "private": false, "state": "active", "title": "Ohio Oil & Gas Well Database", "type": "dataset", "extras": [{"key": "citation", "value": "Stanley Mordensky, Ohio Oil & Gas Well Database, 2014-05-14, https://edx.netl.doe.gov/dataset/ohio-oil-gas-well-database"}, {"key": "netl_product", "value": "no"}, {"key": "organization_acronym", "value": "Ohio DNR"}, {"key": "spatial", "value": "{ \"type\":\"MultiPolygon\",\"coordinates\": [[[[-82.54755, 38.400513], [-82.57542, 38.403904], [-83.67853, 38.62093], [-83.770226, 38.650818], [-84.17675, 38.788498], [-84.2287, 38.81269], [-84.81148, 39.102585], [-84.81207, 39.30303], [-84.811035, 39.56405], [-84.790375, 41.697495], [-80.52059, 41.986874], [-80.52, 41.48929], [-80.52031, 40.854168], [-80.522, 40.637203], [-80.604515, 40.306244], [-80.614685, 40.2765], [-80.83279, 39.7034], [-80.88111, 39.62408], [-82.32918, 38.44195], [-82.49499, 38.405834], [-82.54755, 38.400513]]]]}"}], "groups": [{"description": "This group contains information relevant to unconventional resources research, with a specific focus in the Marcellus shale formation. All members of the group can add data sets and relevant information to the group. Relevant information includes links to external websites, articles, and data. To become a member of the group, just click the \"follow\" button, and please add anything that you think would be a useful resource to others interested in unconventional resources and the Marcellus shale. ", "display_name": "Unconventional Resources ", "id": "3e6be9de-3b5b-4f96-bc3d-f48c8b64cb18", "image_display_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/groups/unconventional-resources/2019-01-30T10:30:36.608357.png", "name": "unconventional-resources", "title": "Unconventional Resources "}], "resources": [{"id": "7f63e122-9bca-46f4-a544-7aafaaf25434", "package_id": "0d52a90d-d4b2-4120-ab90-4309603e7647", "revision_id": "d39a5c7a-78e6-7231-3c56-e44a00dcdc7e", "url": "http://oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/well-information/oil-gas-well-database", "format": "HTML", "description": "Searching for well data is tricky as the server crashes and you need to know the well data you are seeking.", "hash": "", "position": 0, "name": "Ohio Oil & Gas Well Database", "resource_type": "link", "mimetype": null, "mimetype_inner": null, "size": null, "created": "2014-05-14T13:55:30.849178", "last_modified": "2014-05-14T13:55:30.849178", "cache_url": null, "cache_last_updated": null, "url_type": null, "state": "active", "license_type": "cc-by", "folder_id": "root", "owner_org": null, "recycle_removed": false, "fgdc_metadata": false, "rating": null, "categories_json": "[]", "scale": "", "typeofgep": "Not Applicable", "locations_json": "[]", "refSystem": "", "file": "", "owner": "admin", "revision_timestamp": "July 1, 2014, 14:53:11 (EST)", "intended_use_auth": false}], "tags": [{"display_name": "Marcellus Shale", "id": "87801c80-3c70-45c1-abdc-f7c31d2ecc09", "name": "Marcellus Shale", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "Ohio", "id": "f35ea59c-01ca-4cc8-9c1a-99008a52e7b7", "name": "Ohio", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "Well Data", "id": "9490d9b4-a56e-4329-8591-277f8c2dd49e", "name": "Well Data", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "well data", "id": "6a5503cf-2cb5-408b-9c90-2a0f8b9290dc", "name": "well data", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}], "submission_authors": []}