{"creator_user_id": "45826aab-11c8-4d58-8357-e3c10fbe3586", "id": "22cce3b7-e680-48cf-b1d8-8ab036d1d5cb", "metadata_created": "2015-10-26T14:34:42.442911", "metadata_modified": "2015-10-26T14:34:42.442911", "name": "papaya", "notes": "Papaya is a JavaScript based CT scan image viewer for the web that is compatible across a range of popular web browsers, including mobile devices and does not require additional software installation to use. This open source CT scan image viewer supports .nii and .nii.gz files. Papaya is developed by the Research Imaging Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center. ", "num_resources": 0, "num_tags": 2, "package_reviewed": true, "private": false, "state": "active", "title": "Papaya", "type": "tool", "extras": [{"key": "citation", "value": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/papaya/"}, {"key": "netl_product", "value": "no"}], "groups": [{"description": "Tools provide access to data and information assembled as custom themes of high interest. Tools are standard, static, frameworks; however, the data presented within them may update and change with time, thus offering fresh and current information. Tools may accommodate spatial and/or non-spatial data. Some Tools are designed to allow the Tool to communicate with EDX servers to allow for searching, querying, and displaying data.", "display_name": "EDX Tools", "id": "92c6fd10-1f22-495a-8019-4b6e1a64cc29", "image_display_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/groups/edx-tools/2020-06-23T14:30:45.604031.png", "name": "edx-tools", "title": "EDX Tools"}], "resources": [{"id": "ef7adc89-5b05-49ca-a363-979c40877b0b", "package_id": "22cce3b7-e680-48cf-b1d8-8ab036d1d5cb", "revision_id": "704d8797-450e-7853-5f65-e3baf3b0c9de", "url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/papaya/", "format": "HTML", "description": "", "hash": "", "position": 0, "name": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/papaya/", "resource_type": "link", "mimetype": null, "mimetype_inner": null, "size": null, "created": "2015-10-26T12:45:56.260060", "last_modified": "2015-10-26T12:45:56.260060", "cache_url": null, "cache_last_updated": null, "url_type": null, "state": "active", "license_type": "cc-by", "folder_id": "root", "owner_org": null, "recycle_removed": false, "fgdc_metadata": false, "rating": null, "categories_json": "[]", "locations_json": "[]", "file": "", "owner": "admin", "revision_timestamp": "October 26, 2015, 18:32:49 (EST)", "intended_use_auth": false}], "tags": [{"display_name": "analysis", "id": "25d96631-3590-47dc-a5ad-e4abf7d79f09", "name": "analysis", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}, {"display_name": "visualization", "id": "1d30a7b7-95c5-41cf-9832-5f85ee8af23a", "name": "visualization", "state": "active", "vocabulary_id": null}], "submission_authors": []}