{"private": false, "num_tags": 10, "id": "ba83c70d-568e-4f29-a146-e8e8f4ef1c45", "metadata_created": "2014-05-14T18:02:20.398050", "metadata_modified": "2014-05-14T18:05:01.569054", "state": "active", "creator_user_id": "d145d0e3-de8c-416e-9681-f2390bd5c946", "type": "dataset", "resources": [{"rating": null, "cache_last_updated": null, "revision_timestamp": "May 14, 2014, 14:04:40 (EDT)", "package_id": "ba83c70d-568e-4f29-a146-e8e8f4ef1c45", "refSystem": "", "file": "", "owner": "admin", "datastore_active": false, "id": "54642c6e-cf03-483a-bd48-b81a111254c8", "size": null, "categories_json": "[]", "scale": "", "state": "active", "locations_json": "[]", "last_modified": null, "hash": "", "description": "This website contains wireline well log data for many, but not all the wells in West Virginia. Data includes gamma ray data and density data.", "format": "HTML", "mimetype_inner": null, "folder_id": "root", "url_type": null, "recycle_removed": false, "mimetype": null, "cache_url": null, "typeofgep": "Not Applicable", "name": "Scanned Images of Selected West Virginia Wireline Logs ", "created": "2014-05-14T14:04:40.780755", "url": "http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/news/dataslgs.htm", "owner_org": null, "license_type": "cc-by", "position": 0, "revision_id": "711a0ed3-717a-8c60-e718-a0f7f6363a64", "resource_type": "link"}], "num_resources": 1, "tags": [{"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "General", "id": "1115ef2c-8b5e-4ac3-bd96-eafc1ab4c32f", "name": "General"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "Marcellus Shale", "id": "87801c80-3c70-45c1-abdc-f7c31d2ecc09", "name": "Marcellus Shale"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "WV", "id": "54cd3355-5a3e-4e71-9050-28688bd30e3e", "name": "WV"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "WVGES", "id": "57ef388b-4fe5-41e0-bb76-15d195170243", "name": "WVGES"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "West Virginia", "id": "23394571-bc86-4543-a986-d83515d75445", "name": "West Virginia"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey", "id": "9429c804-dc2b-4849-90ba-575e03f018fa", "name": "West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "log", "id": "99389110-bd54-4327-b854-1f3193d8d68b", "name": "log"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "task 9", "id": "5f8322fc-0593-4163-8540-c84b504f8149", "name": "task 9"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "well data", "id": "6a5503cf-2cb5-408b-9c90-2a0f8b9290dc", "name": "well data"}, {"vocabulary_id": null, "state": "active", "display_name": "wireline", "id": "8df63032-cb74-4fe6-b952-38822ab8b8eb", "name": "wireline"}], "title": "Scanned Images of Selected West Virginia Wireline Logs", "groups": [{"display_name": "Unconventional Resources ", "description": "This group contains information relevant to unconventional resources research, with a specific focus in the Marcellus shale formation. All members of the group can add data sets and relevant information to the group. Relevant information includes links to external websites, articles, and data. To become a member of the group, just click the \"follow\" button, and please add anything that you think would be a useful resource to others interested in unconventional resources and the Marcellus shale. ", "image_display_url": "https://edx.netl.doe.gov/groups/unconventional-resources/2019-01-30T10:30:36.608357.png", "title": "Unconventional Resources ", "id": "3e6be9de-3b5b-4f96-bc3d-f48c8b64cb18", "name": "unconventional-resources"}], "license_id": "cc-by", "package_reviewed": true, "name": "scanned-images-of-selected-west-virginia-wireline-logs", "isopen": true, "notes": "This site, managed by the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, contains data on a few (low hundreds) but not all wireline logs in the state. Information includes gamma ray and density.", "license_title": "Creative Commons Attribution", "extras": [{"key": "netl_product", "value": "no"}, {"key": "organization", "value": "West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey"}, {"key": "organization_acronym", "value": "WVGES"}, {"key": "spatial", "value": "{ \"type\":\"MultiPolygon\",\"coordinates\": [[[[-81.665886, 37.20491], [-81.83889, 37.285503], [-82.29562, 37.66906], [-82.500206, 37.92226], [-82.646126, 38.14633], [-82.647156, 38.169437], [-82.598236, 38.368465], [-82.5866, 38.412518], [-80.667725, 40.582138], [-80.63734, 40.613983], [-80.61155, 40.620064], [-80.522, 40.637203], [-77.84241, 39.605373], [-77.77155, 39.498116], [-77.737236, 39.396194], [-77.72747, 39.317795], [-77.820045, 39.141724], [-77.83068, 39.132183], [-80.28792, 37.51115], [-80.42538, 37.434906], [-80.967896, 37.29179], [-81.22293, 37.240215], [-81.556656, 37.206352], [-81.665886, 37.20491]]]]}"}], "license_url": "http://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-by", "revision_id": "848f236e-a101-482a-97d5-734e3c799ce6"}