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Ultra-High Conductivity Umbilicals: Polymer Nanotube Umbilicals (PNUs)


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Final Project Report-10121-4302-01-This final report a) summarizes briefly Phases I and II, b) describes the work performed in PhaseIII, and c) documents the achievements made during the year. The work performed was executed according to the Project Management Plan, while the team made best efforts to maintain the agreed schedule. The Phase III tasks included a) optimizing carbon nanotube (CNT) conductor, b) developing a continuous manufacturing process, and c) performing limited production. The achievements included 1) procurement and installation of a lab scale production furnace, 2) greatly improved fiber purity, and 3) development of a continuous production process. The stated goal (performance deliverable) was to “show evidence of a conductor with resistivity between 1 × 10-6 and 9 × 10-6 O•cm capable of operating at a pressure from 34.47 to 37.92 MPa (5000 to 5500 psig).” An extended wire length was overjacketed and tested at 37.92 MPa. The resistance of the wire was measured as a function of pressure. The resistance fluctuated slightly over the pressure range 0 to 5504 psig. To perform the test, the CNT bare conductor was the product of a four hour production run, the conductor was overjacketed, the wire ends were stripped, and the jacketed wire was spliced into copper with silver paste and then potted. Also, described is a protocol that provided a wire with 6.7 × 10-6 O•cm resistivity.

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