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Water-Cooled Components Testing Program. Water-cooled nozzle testing


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This experimental program involving full-sized gas turbine components was directed towards investigating the nature, composition, and formation rates of the ash deposited on these components by the combustion of hot, minimally cleaned coal gas (MCCG) under actual operating environments. Fired combustion testing was performed using the hot coal gas generated by the fixed-bed coal gasifier in the GE/CRD Process Evaluation Facility (PEF). The hot gas was routed from the gasifier at approx.1000/sup 0/F to a hot cyclone for particulate removal, following which the gas was burned in the turbine simulator, a pressurized test rig. The cyclone was found to have an average particulate removal efficiency of approximately 98%. The concentration of total alkali in the fuel gas entering the turbine simulator was 0.3 to 0.6 ppM, half of which was water-soluble; this corresponds to 1 to 2 ppM in a liquid petroleum-based fuel. The ash content of the fuel gas was 9 to 16 ppM, which would correspond to 51 to 91 ppM of ash in a residual fuel oil, i.e., much lower than that usually found in the latter fuel. Very little ash was found to deposit on the water-cooled nozzle airfoils. Ash deposits on the airfoils were primarily PbSO/sub 4/ and Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/, which proved to be readily removed by water washing. While the MCCG combustion process was satisfactory, testing indicated that a potential area of concern in burning hot MCCG fuel is the formation of carbonaceous deposits in the fuel nozzle and piping. Variations in operating parameters and procedures may be effective in avoiding such deposits. Test data and analysis thus provided clearer insight into the additional work needed to enable a gas turbine to utilize hot (>1000/sup 0/F), minimally cleaned coal gas fuel. Five problems are described. 5 refs., 82 figs., 26 tabs.

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