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Work plan for Production of mild gasification co-products''project


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The coproducts wig be collected and handled to limit their exposure to air. The aim is to ensure the coproducts are as close as possible to those which would be generated by an LFC Plant at the mine site. The char will be collected in sealed, stainless steel containers. While in the containers the char will be cooled to room temperature and a small amount of water added (5% by weight) to simulate the final processing step, stabilizing the char and converting it to PDF. This SPU-processed PDF will be transferred to nitrogen iffed five gallon polyethylene pads for storage and shipping. During processing the CDL will be collected using a single stage, thermostatically-controlled electrostatic precipitator (ESP). The collected CDL will be trapped in a sealed collection cylinder attached directly to the ESP. The CDL will be transferred from the collection cylinder to replace nitrogen in nitrogen-filled one liter bottles for storage and shipment. The results of the analyses will be collected and included in the project data base to be retrieved as necessary for use in the topical and final reports. Twenty (20) Kg samples of SPU processed PDF will be sent to three government laboratories plus one outside laboratory. The government laboratories will be the same labs which received the fresh coal samples, as indicated in section 4.2, above. The outside laboratory will analyze the SPU processed PDF as was done for the coal. These tests will include the bulk density, particle size distribution, proximate analysis, ultimate analysis (C, H, N, O, S), and heating value.

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