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Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

Energy.Data.Gov where data and insight are combined to facilitate public discussion and awareness of our Nations energy activities. Whether you...
Our Mission The FracTracker Alliance shares maps, data, and analyses to communicate impacts of global oil and gas industry and inform actions that...
National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) GEO Water Energy Link Library, geoWELL, is a map-based application that provides quick access to the...
Integrated Approach Towards the Application of Horizontal Wells to Improve Waterflooding Performance; Annual Report, 1994
KY Groundwater Wells
Kentucky Oil and Gas Database
Monthly oil and gas production data by well are now available on the web through the Kentucky Geological Survey oil and gas well search pages....
Oil and Gas Records Database of Kentucky.
KY Permitted Water Withdrawals
KY Water Wells
Lignite project site well core data and core photos.
Lithologic Description of Cored Wells #11940 and #12041 in the Devonian Shale in the Cottageville, West Virginia Area
Multipurpose Marine Cadastre viewer.
NODC's National Archive of Ocean Data; search and retrieve data and metadata in its original format (as it was submitted to NODC).
From the site: "The conservation well layer identifies the permitted surface location of oil and gas conservation wells that have not been plugged....
From the site: "The following data set contains all the Oil & Gas Wells in Pennsylvania that the Dept of Enviromental Protection has locational...
The unconventional hydrocarbon resources map of North America provides an overview of major sedimentary basins, plays and active production areas...
DNR has undergone a project to re-engineer and redesign its information systems for all offices of the department. Specifically, DNR has...
Ultra-Deepwater (UDW) energy resources research through NETL’s Office of Research & Development (ORD) is focused on developing a scientific...