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Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

KY Statewide Mined Out Areas
From the site: "Coal Pillar Locations are pillars of coal that must remain in place to provide support for a coal mine."
From the site: "An Industrial Mineral Mining Operation is a DEP primary facility type related to the Industrial Mineral Mining Program. The...
From the site: "Abandoned mine features compiled by the Office of Abandoned Mine Lands and Reclamation (AMLR) of the West Virginia Department of...
From the site: "Commodities covered by the Minerals Information Team (MIT) of the U.S. Geological Survey. Included are crushed stone operations...
Geological GIS data downloads for West Virginia, including, geology, oil, gas, and mining information data.