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18 submissions

Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

A report detailing the surveying and resulting predictions for coal beds in regions of the Appalachian Basin. Data downloads include Coal Bed...
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, Phase II, Enhanced Oil Recovery Pilot Project, Mumford Hills Oil Field, Posey County, Indiana.
The organic and mineralogical heterogeneity in shale at micrometer and nanometer spatial scales contributes to the quality of gas reserves, gas...
The objectives of the project are to assess the viability of performing Revers-Circulation Primary Cementing (RCPC) to reduce circulation pressure...
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, Validation Phase Final Report
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, Phase II, Enhanced Oil Recovery Pilot Project, Loudon Field, Fayette County, Illinois.
This submission offers a link to a web mapping application hosted instance of the Global Oil & Gas Features Database (GOGI), via EDX’s Geocube...
Molecular modeling of metal-salen tracer compounds interacting with oil-water mixtures and in mineral pores.
Synthesis and characterization of novel metal-salen ligands, and results from elution tests in porous proppants.
Molecular modeling of water and cation transport in clay mineral nanopores, and a method of obtaining electrical conductivity values from the...
Synthesis of a novel thallium-salen fluorescent compound with potential use as a tracer for subsurface fluid flow.
Report on geologic sequestration in the MRCSP region from October 2003 through September 2005 addressing geography and geology, mapping procedures,...
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, Phase II, Sequestration and Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Pilot Project, Tanquary Farms Test Site, Wabash...
A vortex induced motion (VIM) study to determine the sensitivity of the VIM response to the geometric parameters of deep draft semisubersibles,...