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27 submissions

Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

A manual for X-Ray Powder Diffraction preparation and analysis from the USGS.
Tests were performed using a single roller cone from a 4 3/4 inch diameter modified chisel bit to evaluate the effects of _cutter offset 11 skew...
Project Fact Sheet: An Experimental and Theoretical Study to Relate Uncommon Rock/Fluid Properties to Oil Recovery - A Geologic/Engineering Approach
A sample of crude oil referred to as "Buttermilk" has been received from an oil company. The density of the Buttermilk has been experimentally...
Density data for n-pentane. Temperature Range: 325K to 520K Pressure Range: 1.8 MPa to 275 MPa
Laboratory work on this project started in late April 1984. During the first year of this project, FY 84, the effectiveness of emulsion blocking at...
We report experimental density data for a system of light gas, propane, in heavy hydrocarbon, eicosane, at temperatures to 240 °C and pressures to...
Experimental Determination of Solids Friction Factors and Minimum Volumetric Requirements in Air or Gas Drilling, Topical Report; August 1981
The purpose of this study has been twofold. First, by employing radial disks, the effect of flow geometry found in a field application has been...
This report contains results of a test program concerning corrosion fatigue studies of drill pipe immersed in circulating drilling mud containing...
Presentation of NETL CT scanning capabilities
Viscosity data for n-decane Pressure Range: 4.7 -238.8 MPa Temperature Range: 303-520 K
Viscosity Data for Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) Pressure range:2.3 - 259.9 MPa Temperature range:298 - 533 K
Viscosity Data for n-eicosane Pressure range:2.0 - 243.1 MPa Temperature range: 323 - 520 K
Viscosity data for n-hexadecane Pressure range: 3.3 - 226.6 MPa Temperature range: 303 - 520 K
Viscosity Data for Krytox GPL 102 (Perfluoropolyether Oil) Pressure range:8.0 - 245.1 MPa Temperature range: 311 - 533 K
Viscosity Data for n-octadecane Pressure range: 6.4 - 243.1 MPa Temperature range: 323 - 520 K
Experimental binary mixture density data for propane (C3) with decane (C10) are reported at temperatures from 320 to 525 K and pressures to 265...