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7 submissions

Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

Analysis of Unit Mobility Ratio Well-to-Well Tracer Flow to Determine Reservoir Heterogeneity DOE/SF/11564-1
These are the datasets used in the cited publication (details below). The phase IDs are in the following order: gas conducting phase (pore),...
The goal of this three-year project was to provide a quantitative definition of reservoir heterogeneity. This objective was accomplished through...
Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies,...
Selection of Deposystem for Heterogeneity Research, Status Report; June 1986
Use of "Rock-Typing" to Characterize Carbonate Reservoir Heterogeneity, Final Report; March 1994