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34 submissions

Submissions within the EDX system encompass many different forms of data. This includes, but is not limited to, publications, files, apps, tools, or other resources that are data driven resources.

Mud Pulse Logging While Drilling Telemetry System-Design, Development, and Demonstrations, Topical Report; July 1978
his ScienceBase community represents the National Digital Catalog of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP)....
NETL REE Technical Reports Link to Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal Byproducts site
NO2 Levels in Diesel Exhaust, Topical Report
Numerical Modeling of Massive Hydraulic Fractures, Annual Report; July 1983
Numerical Modeling of Massive Hydraulic Fractures, First Annual Report; September 1980-August 1981
Polymers for Mobility Control in Enhanced Oil Recovery, Third Annual Report, October 1987-September 1988
Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies,...
Daily drilling reports and surveys, deviation data, and gyroscopic surveys from wells CFU31F1, CFU31F2, and CFU31F3 collected from Cranfield oil...
Research in the SUPRI Heavy Oil Research Project is summarized here. There are six subdivisions in this project. The goal of Project 1 is to assess...
Transient Pressure Analysis in Composite Reservoirs, Topical Report, August 1982
The files available under this heading are comprised on data taken from a series of bench-scale separations tests. Link to Rare Earth Elements...
Use of "Rock-Typing" to Characterize Carbonate Reservoir Heterogeneity, Final Report; March 1994