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Appalachian Basin Data Group

15 submissions

A geochemical context for stray gas investigations in the northern Appalachian Basin: Implications of analyses of natural gases from...
Detailed map pf gas-producing and gas-storing wells in Maryland, relevant to Appalachian Basin research.
Information of the amounts and types of permits issued to drill wells in Pennsylvania - includes oil and gas wells.
Document discussing the amount and location of oil in Tennessee: The Bureau of Land Management’s Jackson Field Office is located in Jackson,...
Regional Subsurface Geologic Cross Sections of the Mississippian System, Appalachian Basin, Eastern Kentucky; PDFs
The unconventional hydrocarbon resources map of North America provides an overview of major sedimentary basins, plays and active production areas...
A history of oil drilling in Alabama from 1999-2007. Includes useful information on oil fields - in particular on pages 52, 53.
Bibliography for Upper Devonian Shale Sequence paper.
A paper describing the results of two hydraulic fracturing events. From the paper: "The current natural gas supply problems in the United States...
A brief discussion of some gas production experiments, done to better plan for future drilling events. From the paper: "Numerous areas in both the...
A paper discussing the results of a hydraulic fracturing operation. From the paper: "This report describes a large-scale foam fracturing operation...
A paper about how X-Radiography works and how it could apply to natural gas extraction - particularly in the Devonian shales. From the paper:...
Paper discussing the geology of the Devonian shales and the potential locations of gasses within it. From the paper: "The internal stratigraphy of...
Maps Designed for Printing (in PDF format for 8.5-inch x 11.0-inch paper):
Maps Designed for Printing (in PDF format for 8.5-inch x 11.0-inch paper)