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What is a Group?

Groups allow you to group together submissions under a community (for example, Civil Liberty data) or topic (e.g. Transport, Health, Environment) to make it easier for users to browse submissions by theme. Submissions can be part of a group, but do not belong to the group for editing or authorization purposes.

49 groups found

The IGHCCS2 Group holds supporting data from the 2nd International Gas Hydrate Code Comparison Study, held 2017-2020.

This group contains data, analyses, and project information for the Illinois Basin Decatur Project.

This group is to bring together resources on EDX specific to the Kimberlina field site in the San Joaquin Valley in southern California, including field data, basin-scale data, surface data,...

Resources associated with the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL)

This group contains information and data relevant to the NATCARB Atlas. The most current version of the data is v1502.

This group is to identify and catalog tools and models for integration into the Natcarb Viewer

NETL's Technical Report Series (TRS)

NETL is leading a multi-laboratory effort that leverages broad technical capabilities across the DOE complex into a mission-focused platform that will develop the integrated science base that can...

NRAP Tools and Recommended Practices Applications provide a valuable resource for operators and stakeholders to understand the utility of the tools. By applying the tools to real world...

Pressure gain combustion is an alternative to constant pressure combustion in which a detonation is used to react fuel and oxidizer in a rapid manner creating near constant volume combustion.

Prior Section 999 Funded All Programs

A collection of NETL Offshore Fact Sheets

Prior Section 999 Funded Unconventional

A collection of Rare Earth Elements (REE) submissions.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership: BSRCSP.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium: MGSC.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership: PCOR.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership: SECARB.