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What is a Group?

Groups allow you to group together submissions under a community (for example, Civil Liberty data) or topic (e.g. Transport, Health, Environment) to make it easier for users to browse submissions by theme. Submissions can be part of a group, but do not belong to the group for editing or authorization purposes.

49 groups found

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the Southwest Partnership: SWP.

Includes carbon storage datasets are from the WESTCARB Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership.


Collection of experimental data from the RDE

This group offers a collection of key spatial data resources housed or linked wtihin EDX

Industry Partnership Group. In response to needs identified within the SubTER cross-cut initiative, NETL will execute an integrated research and development (R&D) effort targeted at...

This group contains collection of PDF scans of a series of conference proceedings on the topic of magnetohydrodynamic power generation, called the Symposium on the Engineering Aspects of...

This group contains information relevant to unconventional resources research, with a specific focus in the Marcellus shale formation. All members of the group can add data sets and relevant...

The National Energy Technology Laboratory University Turbine Systems Research (NETL-UTSR) program manages a portfolio of university-based turbine research projects. The UTSR program offers a Gas...

This is a place to compile resources on water data.