Repository for data, links, and information on national and international fault data resources.

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Fault Data Resources

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This resource contains data on active faults in California that are believed to be sources of M>6 earthquakes during the Quaternary (the past...
The purpose of compiling the CEUS-SSC Project database was to organize and store those data and resources that had been carefully and thoroughly...
This report contains files that provide a digital version of USGS map I-1853-A, "Precambrian Basement Map of the Northern Midcontinent, U.S.A.,"...
The Precambrian basement rocks of the continental United States are largely covered by younger sedimentary and volcanic rocks, and the availability...
Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format.
Interactive maps and downloadable data for regional and global Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Mineral Resources. --USGS Users may browse...