The National Methane Hydrate Research and Development (R&D) Program has worked to accelerate the determination and realization of gas hydrate’s resource potential and to better understand the role of gas hydrates in the environment. NETL’s Natural Gas Hydrates Research portfolio was developed to fill multiple needs within the National Gas Hydrate R&D program.

NETL Research & Innovation Center (RIC) supports the Program by providing numerical predictions on fluid migration, gas production, and potential reactions occurring during gas production activities, as well as by providing fundamental understanding and knowledge on hydrate behavior derived from experimental investigations on thermal, hydrological, geomechanical, and reactive responses of hydrate.

The objective of the research portfolio performed by NETL RIC is to obtain pertinent, high-quality information on gas hydrates that will benefit the development of models and methods for predicting the behavior of gas hydrates in their natural environment under natural conditions and production scenarios. The proposed research consists of

  • Numerical modeling efforts, including simulations of long-term production tests
  • Laboratory experimental tests on geomechanical stress-strain measurements, water conductivity and relative permeability of fluid through hydrate-bearing sediments (HBS)
  • High resolution visualizations of hydrate distributions and fluid migration in porous media under in situ conditions
  • Developing state-of-the art pressure core analysis tools for characterizing geomechanical responses of field-retrieved hydrate-bearing pressure cores
  • Market analysis for gas production from hydrate reservoir
  • Technical assistance and participation on domestic and international gas hydrate research and development activities