This hydrates research project is focused on five distinct research tasks:

Numerical Simulation
Laboratory Characterization
System Analysis

Numerical Simulation Supports for Gas Hydrates Accumulation and Productions at Potential Reservoirs, Validating Laboratory Tests, and Production Technique Development

This task is to:

(1) perform simulations of hydrate deposits based on the prospective test “L-Pad” site in the Prudhoe Bay Unit in permafrost of ANS,

(2) perform simulations of the marine hydrate reservoir model based on the NGHP-02 Site 16A (Area B) deposit in the offshore of India,

(3) develop new techniques to improve production and site utilization, and

(4) validate the newly developed thermos-hydro-mechanical sand production formation with experimental and field data for field application. This task will also develop a modeling platform of a gas hydrate petroleum system, including compilation of datasets in the Walker Ridge Block and workflow development for basin modeling for a gas hydrate petroleum system in the GOM area.