MEC Systems Project Description

MEC System research performed through the Advanced Reaction Systems portfolio involves a combined field, experimental, and modeling effort.

  • Coal Characterization: Characterization of the coal with aid in understanding the optimal environmental conditions for stimulating the coal-to-methane producing microbial community.
  • Geomicrobiology: NETL efforts focus on improving knowledge of native microbial community in various coal seams and changes in microbial community with nutrient stimulation.
  • In situ and Ex situ Experiments: In order to understand the effect of nutrient amendment on coal consortia stimulation, NETL will be conducting both lab-scale bench tests and a micro-field test.


  • Accomplishments

    • Over 70 coal samples from 16 different industrial partners have been collected, representing every major coal basin in the United States.
    • Key hydrocarbon degradation pathways have been identified in microbial communities native to the Appalachian Coal Basin
    • The location and targeted coalbed has been selected and characterized for the upcoming in situ experiment