NETL's Office of Research & Development (ORD) has published resources that highlight key ORD capabilities and activities.  Links to resources relevant to the MEC System Project are provided below:

Biogasification of Coal Fact Sheet [PDF-1.04MB] (Feb 2016)

Geomicrobiology Fact Sheet [PDF-974KB](August 2016)

Geoscience Analysis, Interpretation, and Assessments Computational Facilities [PDF-616KB] (Sep 2013)

NETL’s Energy Data Exchange (EDX) – A Web-Based Tool to Coordinate Energy Research [PDF-888KB] (Feb 2013)

NETL-ORD Geoimaging Characterization NETL's Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners [PDF-1.36MB] (Dec 2012)

Geology and Reservoir Simulation [PDF-1.97MB] (Jul 2012)

NETL-ORD Geomaterials Research Facilities [PDF-2.6MB] (Feb 2012)

NETL’s Fluid Chemistry Analysis Capacity [PDF-634KB] (Feb 2012)

Subsurface Experimental Laboratories [PDF-558KB] (Jan 2012)

Energy Data Exchange is a tool to support coordination and collaboration across research efforts that require a common set of information related to subsurface energy resources.