Metagenome Analysis

geomicrobiology_logo-cropped12-16At NETL, we aim to further the knowledge of little understood microbial communities.  This page is a data repository available to researcher across the NETL sites and importantly, the general public. This page contains raw sequencing reads from shotgun metagenomes and 16S rRNA surveys of microbial communities in coalbed environments.  The data also includes metagenome assemblies, pan-genome analyses, and other chemical data relevant to each sample. The page also details protocols for DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, sequencing read quality control, metagenome analysis (assembly, binning, annotation), and pan-genome analysis (clustering and annotation methods).

Click here for the 16S sequencing data, and here for the shotgun sequencing data.

We hope that this dataset provides useful information for other researchers in this field.  If you plan to publish on any of this publicly available data, please contact and reference