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chadmin NETL Celebrates 2018 Achievements 01/24/2019 View
chadmin USGS Announces Largest Continuous Oil Assessment in Texas and New Mexico 12/10/2018 View
chadmin The Growing Significance Of DevOps For Data Science 11/06/2018 View
chadmin Energy Department Announces Intent to Fund Enhanced Oil Recovery Research 10/16/2018 View
chadmin Global Oil Shale Market Import-Export Study, Price Structures Analysis And Forecast From 2017 To 2026 07/30/2018 View
chadmin U.S. Department of Energy Announces $2.75 Million for Innovative Technology Development to Enhance Fossil Power Systems 02/14/2018 View
chadmin Gas could help put brakes on climate change, study finds 02/13/2018 View
chadmin Department of Energy to Invest $30 Million to Boost Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Recovery 01/03/2018 View
chadmin NRAP Software Developers Win Prestigious R&D 100 Award 11/27/2017 View
chadmin World's Largest Rig Prepares for Maiden Voyage 11/07/2017 View
chadmin A new way to harness wasted methane 10/24/2017 View
chadmin US warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms 10/23/2017 View
chadmin Going with the flow: solving offshore oil and gas challenges with real-time data 10/23/2017 View
chadmin DOE-Supported CO2-Capture Project Hits Major Milestone: 4 Million Metric Tons 10/12/2017 View
chadmin DOE Announces Nine New Projects to Advance Technology Development for the Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal By-products 09/29/2017 View
chadmin ORNL Innovation Crossroads program opens second round of energy entrepreneurial fellowships 09/29/2017 View
warmane Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability 08/25/2017 View
warmane Scientists turn to big data in hunt for minerals, oil and gas 08/03/2017 View
warmane Much of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has disappeared because of bacteria 06/27/2017 View
warmane Abundant supplies of Marcellus Shale gas could lead to more chemical plants 06/26/2017 View
warmane Clogged oil arteries slow U.S. shale rush to record output 06/26/2017 View
warmane Big oil, small U.S. towns see new reward in old production technique 06/06/2017 View
warmane New Seafloor Map Reveals How Strange the Gulf of Mexico Is 06/02/2017 View
warmane Older Pa. gas storage wells threaten methane leaks, study says 05/25/2017 View
warmane Barbara Kutchko works at the intersection of coal and gas 05/15/2017 View
warmane Trump Orders Easing Safety Rules Implemented After Gulf Oil Spill 04/28/2017 View
warmane NETL takes new kick-detection idea to contest 04/26/2017 View
warmane Study: Fracking didn't impact West Virginia groundwater, but wastewater spills pollute streams 04/25/2017 View
warmane Study: Fracking didn’t impact West Virginia groundwater, but wastewater spills pollute streams 04/25/2017 View
warmane Japan to conduct second test to produce gas from methane hydrate 04/10/2017 View
warmane Morgantown-based firm goes to bat for solar energy on abandoned coal lands in new report 03/24/2017 View
warmane WVU joins national natural gas effort 02/14/2017 View
warmane Study: Methane levels increase as well sites decline 02/10/2017 View
warmane Natural gas production to make U.S. a net energy exporter 01/09/2017 View
warmane Methane Emissions Surged in Last Decade, Study Finds 12/13/2016 View
warmane In Canada, a Direct Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes 11/18/2016 View
warmane Mammoth Texas oil discovery biggest ever in USA 11/18/2016 View
warmane Pennsylvania has more abandoned wells than expected, says new study 11/15/2016 View
warmane Accidental discovery could be renewable energy breakthrough 10/21/2016 View
warmane Alaska Oil Reserves May Have Grown 80% on Giant Discovery 10/19/2016 View
warmane While global methane emissions are up, research shows fossil fuels not the source 10/06/2016 View
warmane Nearly 4,000 tons of gas drilling waste to be used for road project 08/30/2016 View
warmane Scientists calculate methane loads bubbling up from Arctic lakebeds 08/30/2016 View
warmane Study: Most of Methane Hot Spot Comes From Natural Gas Leaks 08/16/2016 View
warmane Game-Changing NETL Technologies Named Finalists for Prestigious R&D 100 Awards 08/03/2016 View
warmane Shale drillers produce more gas with less wells in 2015 08/02/2016 View
warmane Flammable tapwater often not because of industry gas leaks, CU study finds 07/12/2016 View
warmane Study: CO2 emissions from coal mine drainage higher than expected 07/07/2016 View
warmane U.S. holds bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, Russia -study 07/06/2016 View
warmane Oil Bust Leaves States With Massive Well Cleanup 06/21/2016 View
warmane Low Oil Prices Fuel Reconsideration Of Petroleum Reserves 06/21/2016 View
warmane CSU releases study on air pollution created during oil and gas production 06/17/2016 View
warmane Arctic drilling debate flares up again 06/17/2016 View
warmane New EPA rules slash methane emissions from oil production 05/16/2016 View
warmane Exxon Mobil Backs FuelCell Effort to Advance Carbon Capture Technology 05/05/2016 View
warmane Obama Administration Issues New Rules For Offshore Drilling 04/18/2016 View
warmane U.S. Geology Maps Reveal Areas Vulnerable To Man-Made Quakes 03/29/2016 View
warmane Gas expected to surpass coal in electric power generation this year 03/17/2016 View
warmane Turning to frack tech, stricken U.S. oil drillers test new limits 03/14/2016 View
warmane Chester County landfill gas used as alternative to fracking 03/09/2016 View
warmane Oil, gas production ramping up in the Gulf: Here's why 03/03/2016 View
warmane California methane leak was biggest ever in U.S., scientists say 02/26/2016 View
warmane Los Angeles-area methane leak declared permanently sealed 02/19/2016 View
warmane From The Ashes Of Some Coal Plants, New Energy Rises 02/17/2016 View
warmane Drilling downturn hits Marcellus Shale industry hard 02/17/2016 View
warmane US Energy Secretary Moniz talks about renewable energy, Alaska LNG 02/16/2016 View
admin Science panel faults EPA fracking probe for excluding baseline water testing 01/14/2016 View
warmane Oklahoma oil and gas regulators order reduced volumes at injection wells following earthquakes 01/05/2016 View
warmane SoCal Gas erecting screens to catch mist from natural gas leak: report 01/05/2016 View
warmane Report revives debate over risks of radiation from drilling waste 01/04/2016 View
warmane U.S. oil 'strippers' maneuver to keep pumping amid crude slump 01/04/2016 View
warmane America's biggest gas field finally succumbs to downturn 12/02/2015 View
warmane Confidence In Oil Hub Security Shaken By Oklahoma Earthquakes 11/30/2015 View
warmane Gas processing plants reach settlement with EPA over alleged violations 11/20/2015 View
warmane U.S. leads industrialised nations in shift from coal: study 10/22/2015 View
warmane Fracking can cause nearby abandoned wells to leak methane: study 10/21/2015 View
warmane With Abandoned Gas Wells, States Are Left With The Cleanup Bill 10/20/2015 View
warmane New Concern Over Quakes in Oklahoma Near a Hub of U.S. Oil 10/15/2015 View
warmane Study: Shale gas related water contamination top-down, not bottom-up 10/14/2015 View
warmane PA, WV, OH team up on shale gas related manufacturing and chemical development 10/14/2015 View
warmane California's Monterey oil deposits seen at 21 million barrels: USGS 10/07/2015 View
warmane Companies Struggle to Make Carbon Capture Viable 10/06/2015 View
warmane World shale resources grow with reserves in new countries 09/28/2015 View
warmane Shell pulls the plug on Arctic exploration 09/28/2015 View
warmane Water demand from fracking less than 1 percent of U.S. total: study 09/22/2015 View
warmane Faced With Spate Of Tremors, Oklahoma Looks To Shake Up Its Oil Regulations 09/17/2015 View
warmane North Dakota may let more oil wells be temporarily idled 09/15/2015 View
warmane Methane Leaks in Natural-Gas Supply Chain Far Exceed Estimates, Study Says 08/18/2015 View
warmane After Spate of Earthquakes, Oklahoma Oil Regulator Slashes Disposal Well Activity in Shaky Region 08/05/2015 View
warmane Methane Leaks May Greatly Exceed Estimates, Report Says 08/05/2015 View
warmane President Obama Unveils New Power Plant Rules In 'Clean Power Plan' 08/03/2015 View
warmane Gulf Oil Wells Lingering With Temporary Seals 07/21/2015 View
warmane Study Suggests Utica Shale Holds 20 Times More Recoverable Gas Than Previously Thought 07/20/2015 View
warmane Natural gas edges past coal to become biggest US electricity source for first time ever 07/14/2015 View
rowanc EIA expands geographic coverage of natural gas production with new data for 10 states 07/01/2015 View
warmane Drilling Begins in Long-Term WVU Study on Natural Gas 06/29/2015 View
warmane Argentina and China lead shale development outside North America in first-half 2015 06/29/2015 View
warmane How Fracking Is Fueling A Power Shift From Coal To Gas 06/23/2015 View
warmane New data ties earthquakes to wastewater injection 06/19/2015 View
warmane Pennsylvania case studies mirror EPA's national fracking report 06/12/2015 View
warmane Fluid injection causes ground to creep before quakes 06/11/2015 View
warmane Fracking not a 'widespread risk' to drinking water: U.S. EPA 06/05/2015 View
warmane Study: Lower than expected air pollutants detected at Marcellus drilling sites 05/19/2015 View
warmane Shell hopes to begin Arctic oil drilling project this summer 05/12/2015 View
warmane FracFocus upgrades availability of data on oil & gas operations 05/11/2015 View
warmane New study links gas drilling to water contamination in NE Pa. 05/05/2015 View
warmane Marcellus production led U.S. gas fields in 2013, EIA says 04/27/2015 View
warmane U.S. Maps Pinpoint Earthquakes Linked to Quest for Oil and Gas 04/24/2015 View
warmane Race to unravel Oklahoma's artificial quakes 04/22/2015 View
warmane Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico 04/16/2015 View
warmane New Regulation Aims to Prevent Explosions at Offshore Rigs 04/14/2015 View
warmane Study suggests fracking could release radon from ground 04/09/2015 View
warmane Gas Utilities Reduce Leaks of Methane, Study Finds 04/08/2015 View
warmane Shell will resume drilling off Alaska coast: U.S. Arctic envoy 03/31/2015 View
warmane EPA releases first part of frack study, an analysis of chemical disclosure 03/31/2015 View
warmane Marcellus Shale drillers to begin monthly gas production reporting 03/27/2015 View
warmane U.S. sets first major fracking rules on federal lands 03/20/2015 View
warmane NETL-Sponsored Study Confirms Vast Energy Resource in Residual Oil Zones 03/18/2015 View
warmane Where in the World is Carbon Being Captured and Stored? This Database will Show You. 03/18/2015 View
warmane Large reserve of Utica Shale gas could lie beneath state forest land 03/11/2015 View
warmane USGS: Fracking water quality data "scarce" 03/04/2015 View
warmane 'Miracle' Moringa Seeds Can Purify Water and be Used for Mining Operations 03/03/2015 View
warmane Microbes could help clean up after fracking 03/03/2015 View
warmane Study finds relatively low emissions of methane from major US gas fields 02/19/2015 View
warmane A start-up that's solved fracking's dirty problem 02/19/2015 View
warmane Study: Oklahoma's Daily Small Quakes Raise Risk of Big Ones 02/17/2015 View
warmane Federal environmental review makes Arctic drilling more likely 02/17/2015 View
warmane High levels of benzene found in fracking waste water 02/11/2015 View
warmane Study: Minority of facilities produce most natural gas methane emissions 02/11/2015 View
warmane Shale gas boom has utilities rushing to increase electricity supply 02/11/2015 View
warmane Millions of gallons of BP oil rests on Gulf floor 02/02/2015 View
warmane U.S. proposes allowing oil, gas drilling off Atlantic Coast 01/28/2015 View
warmane L.A. Basin methane emissions found up to 61% higher than estimates 01/15/2015 View
warmane White House Moves to Rein In Methane Emissions 01/15/2015 View
warmane California fracking hasn't unearthed an oil boom 01/15/2015 View
warmane Fracking caused 2014 Ohio earthquake: Study 01/07/2015 View
warmane Penn students jump into the fracking fray with a new technology 01/07/2015 View
warmane NETL's BLOSOM Works to Predict and Prevent Underwater Oil Spills 12/31/2014 View
warmane E.P.A. Issues Rules on Disposal of Coal Ash to Protect Water Supply 12/31/2014 View
warmane New York bans fracking after health report 12/18/2014 View
warmane Methane still belches from USA's old oil and gas wells 12/10/2014 View
warmane Much of nation's natural gas now comes from shale 12/02/2014 View
warmane Where Do Fracking Fluids Go? Scientists Create the First Detector 11/07/2014 View
warmane Stealthy Norwegian entrepreneur aims to revolutionize U.S. energy storage 10/28/2014 View
warmane Deepwater Horizon gunk settled far and wide 10/28/2014 View
warmane California getting more Bakken crude by barge than rail 10/24/2014 View
warmane Geothermal power industry lost steam but may be poised for comeback 10/20/2014 View
warmane 'WV Host Farms' Offers Researchers Birdseye View of Gas Drilling 10/17/2014 View
warmane Study Links Hundreds of Ohio Quakes to Fracking 10/16/2014 View
warmane Canada launches world's largest commercial carbon-capture project 10/16/2014 View
warmane Study: US Natural Gas Surge Won't Slow Global Warming 10/16/2014 View
warmane Satellite sees hot spot of methane in US Southwest 10/10/2014 View
warmane New Fusion Reactor Could Result in Cheaper Power Than Coal 10/09/2014 View
warmane Crumpling Graphene 'Paper' May Create Super Stretchy Supercapacitors to Store Energy 10/07/2014 View
warmane Baker Hughes to Disclose Fracking Chemicals 10/03/2014 View
warmane Mining for sand for fracking holds risks for communities, study says 09/26/2014 View
warmane Study: Treated fracking wastewater could still threaten drinking water 09/26/2014 View
warmane Switch to Natural Gas Won't Reduce Carbon Emissions Much, Study Finds 09/25/2014 View
warmane CO2 Gas Emissions to Reach Record High 40 Billion Tons in 2014 09/24/2014 View
warmane Six oil companies agree to cut methane leaks 09/24/2014 View
warmane Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution 09/17/2014 View
warmane Natural gas contaminated drinking water in Texas, study says 09/15/2014 View
warmane Big solar storm heading toward Earth 09/12/2014 View
warmane NRG Energy retrofitting Texas power plant to capture CO2 emissions 09/05/2014 View
warmane Pennsylvania DEP revamps effort to map abandoned oil and gas wells 09/03/2014 View
warmane Limited water presents challenge for natural gas fracking 09/03/2014 View
warmane U.S. Shell Files Revised Arctic Offshore Drilling Plan 08/29/2014 View
warmane Fracking report clears way for California oil, gas leasing to resume 08/29/2014 View
warmane Northwest Researchers Work To Boost Geothermal Power 08/25/2014 View
warmane Methane Is Discovered Seeping From Seafloor Off East Coast, Scientists Say 08/25/2014 View
warmane Refracking brings 'vintage' oil and gas wells to life 08/21/2014 View
warmane Man-made quakes shake the ground less than natural ones 08/19/2014 View
warmane DOE searching for abandoned wells in Hanover 08/18/2014 View
warmane Energy Department Announces $18 Million for Innovative Projects to Advance Geothermal Energy 08/14/2014 View
warmane Scientists Create Carbon Dioxide 'Sponge' to Soak up Greenhouse Gases 08/11/2014 View
warmane Pipeline emissions up to four times worse than predicted 08/11/2014 View
warmane Offshore Fracking In Gulf Of Mexico Is On The Rise As Companies Seek Out Deep-Sea Riches 08/08/2014 View
warmane Shell, Alaska Natives to share in oil profits 08/05/2014 View
rowanc How shale gas can boost US manufacturing 08/05/2014 View
rowanc Students Build an Electric Car With Better Range Than a Tesla 08/05/2014 View
rowanc Scientists discover vast methane plumes escaping from Arctic seafloor 07/30/2014 View
rowanc Why natural gas production is rising as gas targeted rigs fall 07/30/2014 View
warmane Oil drilling in North Dakota raises concerns about radioactive waste 07/28/2014 View
warmane Geothermal Industry Grows, With Help From Oil and Gas Drilling 07/24/2014 View
warmane U.S. Proposes Faster Changes in Oil Trains 07/24/2014 View
warmane New Carbon Capture System at Kentucky Plant Could Be 'Game-Changer' 07/21/2014 View
warmane White House Opens Door to Exploring Atlantic for Oil 07/21/2014 View
warmane Construction Begins on Largest Carbon Capture Project in the World 07/18/2014 View
warmane Shell announces third big oil find in Gulf of Mexico's Norphlet area 07/16/2014 View
warmane A California Oil Field Yields Another Prized Commodity 07/10/2014 View
warmane Wastewater pumping ups Oklahoma's seismic activity 07/07/2014 View
warmane Fracking Study Finds New Gas Wells Leak More 07/01/2014 View
warmane Unconventional energy boom drives oil and gas patents to record 06/30/2014 View
warmane In Wyoming, Going Deep To Draw Energy From Coal 06/27/2014 View
warmane Colorado suspends oil and gas wastewater disposal well after quake 06/25/2014 View
warmane Technology Justices Limit Existing EPA Global Warming Rules 06/23/2014 View
warmane Scouring the World for Shale-Based Energy 06/18/2014 View
warmane Deepwater Horizon Oil Washes Ashore Years After the Spill 06/13/2014 View
warmane Limiting oil-train information violates law, state tells railroads 06/05/2014 View
warmane US agency: Faulty blowout preventer contributed to deadly BP spill 06/05/2014 View
warmane EPA seeks 30% cut in power plant carbon emissions by 2030 06/03/2014 View
warmane U.S. Gulf cornerstone of energy policy, secretary says 06/02/2014 View
warmane U.S. to unveil sweeping rules to cut power plant pollution 06/02/2014 View
warmane U.S. Energy Dept shakes up natural gas export review process 05/30/2014 View
warmane Study measures oil-spill risks from projects 05/23/2014 View
warmane U.S. officials cut estimate of recoverable Monterey Shale oil by 96% 05/21/2014 View
warmane Drones Are Becoming Energy's New Roustabouts 05/19/2014 View
warmane Energy-environment drilling program underway 05/16/2014 View
warmane EPA: new emissions rules for refineries would protect neighboring communities 05/16/2014 View
warmane Many Oil, Gas Wells Untested for Environmental Damage, Report Says 05/12/2014 View
warmane U.S. takes first step toward fracking disclosure rules 05/12/2014 View
warmane Heavy air pollution found over Colorado oil fields 05/08/2014 View
warmane U.S. Issues Safety Alert for Oil Trains 05/08/2014 View
warmane Feds: Energy mining's disposal wells may have role in Oklahoma's earthquakes 05/07/2014 View
warmane Exxon and Chevron trailing in U.S. fracking boom 05/05/2014 View
warmane Arctic Waters at Risk from Oil Spills: New Report Reveals Necessity of Infrastructure 04/29/2014 View
warmane Natural Gas-Gobbling Bacteria Could Help Combat Oil Leaks 04/29/2014 View
warmane Major oil and gas firm to list fracking chemicals 04/25/2014 View
warmane U.S. Takes Int'l Approach to Arctic, Offshore Energy 04/21/2014 View
warmane EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling sites 04/15/2014 View
warmane Ohio finds link between fracking and sudden burst of earthquakes 04/14/2014 View
warmane Fracking with CO2 to replace water a distant goal, GE says 04/08/2014 View
warmane DEP says gas drilling air pollution a small fraction of Pa. emissions 04/07/2014 View
warmane Vast oil trove trapped in Monterey Shale formation 04/07/2014 View
warmane Blast at U.S. LNG site casts spotlight on natural gas safety 04/07/2014 View
warmane Exxon Mobil agrees to share more data on fracking risks 04/07/2014 View
warmane Bakken Oil Output Seen Growing With Drilling Improvements 04/03/2014 View
warmane Oil industry, U.S. regulators mulling new testing standards 04/03/2014 View
warmane White House Unveils Plans to Cut Methane Emissions 03/31/2014 View
warmane Duke Energy says it will move coal ash in response to spill 03/27/2014 View
warmane BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan from Whiting refinery 03/26/2014 View
warmane Why Oil Drilling Is Both Safer And Riskier Since Exxon Valdez 03/25/2014 View
warmane Regulators Say Duke Pumped Coal Ash Into NC River 03/21/2014 View
warmane Shale could be long-term home for nuclear waste 03/18/2014 View
warmane Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels 03/14/2014 View
warmane EPA and BP reach agreement on deep-water drilling bids 03/14/2014 View
warmane Marcellus tops major U.S. shale plays in drill rig productivity 03/13/2014 View
warmane Ohio Looks at Whether Fracking Led to 2 Quakes 03/12/2014 View
warmane Coal producer fined $27.5 million for polluting Appalachian waterways 03/07/2014 View
warmane Natural gas industry ready to rebuild depleted U.S. supply 03/06/2014 View
warmane Sunken Great Lakes oil pipeline raises spill fears 03/04/2014 View
warmane North Carolina regulators cite Duke Energy over coal ash spill 03/03/2014 View
warmane BP begins oil production at major Gulf of Mexico deepwater hub 02/28/2014 View
warmane Review Clears Path for Seismic Tests of U.S. Atlantic Oil 02/28/2014 View
warmane U.S. orders oil-by-rail shippers to test North Dakota cargo 02/26/2014 View
warmane Laser bombardment yields energy milestone 02/24/2014 View
warmane Oil train wrecks spur railroad safety measures 02/24/2014 View
warmane Oil Spill Shuts Down Part of Mississippi River Near New Orleans 02/24/2014 View
warmane Colorado approves limits on air pollution from oil, gas drilling 02/24/2014 View
rowanc Pennsylvania shale production continued to grow in 2013 02/21/2014 View
warmane BNSF to take bids to buy up to 5,000 safer oil railcars 02/20/2014 View
warmane Energy Department probes radioactive leak at New Mexico nuclear dump 02/19/2014 View
warmane Planet-warming methane leaking at higher rate, study finds 02/14/2014 View
warmane Carbon Dioxide From Exhaust Fumes Used to Make New Chemicals 02/13/2014 View
warmane Officials: Coal slurry spill blackens 6 miles of West Virginia creek 02/12/2014 View
warmane Fracking with Acid: Unknown Quantities Injected in Texas 02/12/2014 View
warmane EPA begins regulating the use of diesel in fracking 02/12/2014 View
warmane Worker still missing 24 hours after fire at Greene Co. gas-well 02/12/2014 View
warmane University Studies if Quakes in North Texas Linked to Fracking Gas Wells 02/10/2014 View
warmane Report: Fracking raising water supply worries 02/06/2014 View
warmane Indiana's coal mines hold untapped water, report says 02/06/2014 View
warmane NC coal ash spill draws new focus to controversial industrial waste 02/05/2014 View
warmane Shell opens its first post-Macondo platform in U.S. Gulf 02/05/2014 View
warmane New study details methane's complexity in Northern Tier geology 02/04/2014 View
warmane Shell abandons plan for Alaska offshore drilling 01/31/2014 View
warmane Much Of North Dakota's Natural Gas Is Going Up In Flames 01/30/2014 View
warmane Deepwater Horizon: Identifying Harmful Elements of Persisting Oil 01/27/2014 View
warmane Crude oil train accidents prompt NTSB safety recommendations 01/24/2014 View
warmane Oil industry joins world of 3D printing 01/24/2014 View
warmane Officials mark completion of 231-mile power line 01/24/2014 View
warmane Natural gas locomotives may prove cheaper, cleaner 01/23/2014 View
warmane Antimatter Experiment Produces First Beam of Antihydrogen 01/23/2014 View
warmane Company in West Virginia spill failed to disclose second chemical 01/23/2014 View
warmane New center ready for Utica, Marcellus drillers to seek certification for complying with 15 voluntary standards 01/22/2014 View
warmane Alaska signs deal to free up natural gas for export 01/17/2014 View
warmane Unmanned flying drones 'to help find more North Sea oil reserves' 01/16/2014 View
warmane West Virginia water officials study test results after chemical spill 01/13/2014 View
warmane Study finds acid mine drainage reduces radioactivity in fracking wastewater 01/13/2014 View
warmane EPA to Require S. Calif. Offshore Fracking Reports 01/09/2014 View
warmane Cause Behind Methane Gas Flares Revealed: Global Warming Not to Blame 01/06/2014 View
warmane Fracking Contamination Found in Well Water in 4 States 01/06/2014 View
warmane Bakken crude may be more flammable than previously thought -U.S. regulator 01/03/2014 View
warmane Production in Ohio's Utica shale rising fast 01/02/2014 View
warmane Oil Company Looks To Great Lakes As Shipping Demand Booms 12/30/2013 View
warmane Wyoming May Act to Plug Abandoned Wells as Natural Gas Boom Ends 12/26/2013 View
warmane Scientists losing data at a rapid rate 12/23/2013 View
warmane Fracking for Natural Gas May Help Us Save Water 12/23/2013 View
warmane Algae converted to crude oil in less than an hour 12/23/2013 View
warmane Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down controversial portions of Act 13 12/20/2013 View
warmane Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down controversial portions of Act 13 12/20/2013 View
warmane BP reports first major Gulf of Mexico discovery since oil spill 12/20/2013 View
warmane USGS study: methane common in groundwater of New York's Southern Tier 12/20/2013 View
warmane Applying Creativity to a Byproduct of Oil Drilling 12/19/2013 View
warmane High fracking areas have high levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals: Study 12/18/2013 View
warmane Seabed scars raise questions over carbon-storage plan 12/18/2013 View
warmane U.S. forecasts natural gas boom through 2040 12/17/2013 View
warmane U.S. forecasts natural gas boom through 2040 12/17/2013 View
warmane Coast Guard plan for river barges to ship fracking wastewater to Louisiana, other sites is stirring alarm 12/16/2013 View
warmane Experts Eye Oil and Gas Industry as Quakes Shake Oklahoma 12/13/2013 View
warmane Scientist sees fracking as the way to dispose of nuclear waste 12/13/2013 View
warmane Research flight to provide new estimates of Marcellus methane leaks 12/12/2013 View
warmane Mexican Senate OKs bill to open oil industry to foreign investors 12/12/2013 View
warmane Fracking waste fills WV landfills under new rule 12/09/2013 View
warmane The World's Largest Vessel Enters The Water In South Korea 12/06/2013 View
warmane Scientists Track Fracking Pollution by Measuring Groundwater Contaminants 12/05/2013 View
warmane BP Pushes Technical Limits to Tap Extreme Fields 12/05/2013 View
warmane Largest vessel ever launched for 1st time, bigger planned 12/04/2013 View
warmane Methane from Appalachian coal could generate carbon credits in California 12/03/2013 View
warmane U.S. EPA has greatly underestimated emissions from methane : report 11/26/2013 View
warmane Project underway to improve construction of deep sea oil and gas pipelines for remote fields 11/26/2013 View
warmane Transocean has a third of deepwater rigs seeking 2014 work 11/25/2013 View
warmane Strong Rules on Fracking in Wyoming Seen as Model 11/25/2013 View
warmane Fracking without freshwater at a west Texas oilfield 11/21/2013 View
warmane Colorado proposes reducing methane leaks from energy production 11/19/2013 View
warmane Slowdown in Carbon Emissions Worldwide, but Coal Burning Continues to Grow 11/19/2013 View
warmane A Push Away From Burning Coal as an Energy Source 11/15/2013 View
warmane Oil Drillers Rush Back to the Gulf of Mexico 11/15/2013 View
warmane Railroad industry urges upgrade in oil tank car safety 11/15/2013 View
warmane U.S. offshore oil regulator sees growing safety culture 11/14/2013 View
warmane U.S. oil output outstrips imports in major milestone 11/14/2013 View
warmane Report: TVA coal plants polluting groundwater 11/13/2013 View
warmane Ohio's natural gas from Utica shale gets separated from liquids, purified at new processing plants 11/12/2013 View
warmane More oil and gas drillers turn to water recycling 11/12/2013 View
warmane 3 Texas universities to start safety institute for offshore drilling 11/08/2013 View
warmane Scientists propose 'methane-sniffing drones' to cut leaks 11/07/2013 View
warmane Proposal Would Allow Shale Gas Waste on Barges 11/07/2013 View
warmane CO2 injections likely culprit in Texas earthquakes -study 11/05/2013 View
warmane Power Plants Try Burning Wood With Coal to Cut Carbon Emissions 11/04/2013 View
warmane Shale gas fracking a low risk to public health, review finds 11/01/2013 View
warmane Shell Prepares Arctic Offshore Exploration Plan 11/01/2013 View
warmane Wellbore Cement: Research That Begins Where the Sidewalk Ends 10/30/2013 View
warmane Lines built for Texas wind power help supply Permian oil patch 10/29/2013 View
warmane Consol to sell 5 W.Va. mines as coal regulations increase 10/28/2013 View
warmane ND Spills Went Unreported; State Testing Website 10/28/2013 View
warmane Disposal Well Shutdown After Swarm of Earthquakes in South-Central Oklahoma 10/25/2013 View
warmane Fracking puts U.S. first in shale gas production 10/25/2013 View
warmane Oil Spill in North Dakota Raises Detection Concerns 10/24/2013 View
warmane Computer Models Reveal Mississippi River's Role in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 10/23/2013 View
warmane Calif. finds more instances of offshore fracking 10/22/2013 View
warmane U.S. carbon emissions hit lowest level since 1994 10/22/2013 View
warmane California adopts first-in-nation energy storage plan 10/18/2013 View
warmane Pa. coal mine cleanup project wins national award 10/18/2013 View
warmane Boiling Hot: Why Fracking's Gusher of Geothermal Energy is Wasted 10/18/2013 View
warmane Oil Companies Are Sued for Waste of Natural Gas 10/18/2013 View
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