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chadmin Gas could help put brakes on climate change, study finds 02/13/2018 View
warmane Morgantown-based firm goes to bat for solar energy on abandoned coal lands in new report 03/24/2017 View
warmane Methane Emissions Surged in Last Decade, Study Finds 12/13/2016 View
warmane Study: CO2 emissions from coal mine drainage higher than expected 07/07/2016 View
warmane CSU releases study on air pollution created during oil and gas production 06/17/2016 View
warmane New EPA rules slash methane emissions from oil production 05/16/2016 View
warmane Exxon Mobil Backs FuelCell Effort to Advance Carbon Capture Technology 05/05/2016 View
warmane U.S. leads industrialised nations in shift from coal: study 10/22/2015 View
warmane Companies Struggle to Make Carbon Capture Viable 10/06/2015 View
warmane Methane Leaks in Natural-Gas Supply Chain Far Exceed Estimates, Study Says 08/18/2015 View
warmane Methane Leaks May Greatly Exceed Estimates, Report Says 08/05/2015 View
warmane President Obama Unveils New Power Plant Rules In 'Clean Power Plan' 08/03/2015 View
warmane How Fracking Is Fueling A Power Shift From Coal To Gas 06/23/2015 View
warmane Shell hopes to begin Arctic oil drilling project this summer 05/12/2015 View
warmane Gas Utilities Reduce Leaks of Methane, Study Finds 04/08/2015 View
warmane Where in the World is Carbon Being Captured and Stored? This Database will Show You. 03/18/2015 View
warmane L.A. Basin methane emissions found up to 61% higher than estimates 01/15/2015 View
warmane White House Moves to Rein In Methane Emissions 01/15/2015 View
warmane Geothermal power industry lost steam but may be poised for comeback 10/20/2014 View
warmane Canada launches world's largest commercial carbon-capture project 10/16/2014 View
warmane Study: US Natural Gas Surge Won't Slow Global Warming 10/16/2014 View
warmane Switch to Natural Gas Won't Reduce Carbon Emissions Much, Study Finds 09/25/2014 View
warmane CO2 Gas Emissions to Reach Record High 40 Billion Tons in 2014 09/24/2014 View
warmane Six oil companies agree to cut methane leaks 09/24/2014 View
warmane NRG Energy retrofitting Texas power plant to capture CO2 emissions 09/05/2014 View
warmane Limited water presents challenge for natural gas fracking 09/03/2014 View
warmane Methane Is Discovered Seeping From Seafloor Off East Coast, Scientists Say 08/25/2014 View
warmane Pipeline emissions up to four times worse than predicted 08/11/2014 View
warmane New Carbon Capture System at Kentucky Plant Could Be 'Game-Changer' 07/21/2014 View
warmane Construction Begins on Largest Carbon Capture Project in the World 07/18/2014 View
warmane Technology Justices Limit Existing EPA Global Warming Rules 06/23/2014 View
warmane EPA seeks 30% cut in power plant carbon emissions by 2030 06/03/2014 View
warmane U.S. to unveil sweeping rules to cut power plant pollution 06/02/2014 View
warmane Arctic Waters at Risk from Oil Spills: New Report Reveals Necessity of Infrastructure 04/29/2014 View
warmane U.S. Takes Int'l Approach to Arctic, Offshore Energy 04/21/2014 View
warmane EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling sites 04/15/2014 View
warmane Exxon Mobil agrees to share more data on fracking risks 04/07/2014 View
warmane White House Unveils Plans to Cut Methane Emissions 03/31/2014 View
warmane Planet-warming methane leaking at higher rate, study finds 02/14/2014 View
warmane Fracking with Acid: Unknown Quantities Injected in Texas 02/12/2014 View
warmane New center ready for Utica, Marcellus drillers to seek certification for complying with 15 voluntary standards 01/22/2014 View
warmane Colorado proposes reducing methane leaks from energy production 11/19/2013 View
warmane Slowdown in Carbon Emissions Worldwide, but Coal Burning Continues to Grow 11/19/2013 View
warmane Scientists propose 'methane-sniffing drones' to cut leaks 11/07/2013 View
warmane Despite Climate Concern, Global Study Finds Fewer Carbon Capture Projects 10/11/2013 View
warmane Fracking Study: Gas Production In Pennsylvania May Be Polluting Creek With Radioactive Waste 10/02/2013 View
warmane More Data and More Powerful Climate Models Allow More Accurate Forecast 10/01/2013 View
warmane Cool Idea 10/01/2013 View
warmane EPA sets first ever curbs on power plant pollution 09/20/2013 View
warmane Coal power plants are getting life extensions 08/26/2013 View
warmane New Tools Pinpoint Natural Gas Leaks, Maximizing a Fuel’s Green Qualities 08/07/2013 View
warmane A methane problem in Utah 08/06/2013 View
warmane Energy secretary: Obama committed to role for coal 07/30/2013 View
warmane Arctic methane 'time bomb' could have huge economic costs 07/24/2013 View
warmane World Bank to limit financing of coal-fired plants 07/18/2013 View
warmane U.S. energy sector at risk from climate change -DOE report 07/12/2013 View
warmane BLM approves NM natural gas pipeline project 07/08/2013 View
warmane Interior Releases First-Ever Comprehensive National Assessment of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage Potential 07/02/2013 View
warmane Factbox - Highlights of Obama's plan to cut carbon pollution 06/25/2013 View
warmane Environmentalists call for greater attention to methane leaks, to fight climate change 06/21/2013 View
warmane Global carbon emissions soared to record high in 2012 06/10/2013 View
warmane Report: As Natural Gas Displaces Coal, Carbon Emissions Fall 06/04/2013 View
warmane Oil executives tune out the call of the wild Arctic 05/31/2013 View
warmane Plans shelved for coal export terminal in Oregon 05/09/2013 View
warmane EPA methane report further divides fracking camps 04/29/2013 View