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chadmin Department of Energy to Invest $30 Million to Boost Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Recovery 01/03/2018 View
warmane Much of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has disappeared because of bacteria 06/27/2017 View
warmane Study: Fracking didn't impact West Virginia groundwater, but wastewater spills pollute streams 04/25/2017 View
warmane Study: Fracking didn’t impact West Virginia groundwater, but wastewater spills pollute streams 04/25/2017 View
admin Science panel faults EPA fracking probe for excluding baseline water testing 01/14/2016 View
warmane Gas processing plants reach settlement with EPA over alleged violations 11/20/2015 View
warmane Study: Shale gas related water contamination top-down, not bottom-up 10/14/2015 View
warmane Shell hopes to begin Arctic oil drilling project this summer 05/12/2015 View
warmane Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico 04/16/2015 View
warmane Federal environmental review makes Arctic drilling more likely 02/17/2015 View
warmane U.S. proposes allowing oil, gas drilling off Atlantic Coast 01/28/2015 View
warmane NETL's BLOSOM Works to Predict and Prevent Underwater Oil Spills 12/31/2014 View
warmane Where Do Fracking Fluids Go? Scientists Create the First Detector 11/07/2014 View
warmane Deepwater Horizon gunk settled far and wide 10/28/2014 View
warmane 'WV Host Farms' Offers Researchers Birdseye View of Gas Drilling 10/17/2014 View
warmane Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution 09/17/2014 View
warmane U.S. Proposes Faster Changes in Oil Trains 07/24/2014 View
warmane Deepwater Horizon Oil Washes Ashore Years After the Spill 06/13/2014 View
warmane Study measures oil-spill risks from projects 05/23/2014 View
warmane Arctic Waters at Risk from Oil Spills: New Report Reveals Necessity of Infrastructure 04/29/2014 View
warmane Natural Gas-Gobbling Bacteria Could Help Combat Oil Leaks 04/29/2014 View
warmane U.S. Takes Int'l Approach to Arctic, Offshore Energy 04/21/2014 View
warmane Vast oil trove trapped in Monterey Shale formation 04/07/2014 View
warmane Blast at U.S. LNG site casts spotlight on natural gas safety 04/07/2014 View
warmane BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan from Whiting refinery 03/26/2014 View
warmane Why Oil Drilling Is Both Safer And Riskier Since Exxon Valdez 03/25/2014 View
warmane Sunken Great Lakes oil pipeline raises spill fears 03/04/2014 View
warmane NC coal ash spill draws new focus to controversial industrial waste 02/05/2014 View
warmane Crude oil train accidents prompt NTSB safety recommendations 01/24/2014 View
warmane Bakken crude may be more flammable than previously thought -U.S. regulator 01/03/2014 View
warmane Oil Company Looks To Great Lakes As Shipping Demand Booms 12/30/2013 View
warmane High fracking areas have high levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals: Study 12/18/2013 View
warmane Coast Guard plan for river barges to ship fracking wastewater to Louisiana, other sites is stirring alarm 12/16/2013 View
warmane BP Pushes Technical Limits to Tap Extreme Fields 12/05/2013 View
warmane Proposal Would Allow Shale Gas Waste on Barges 11/07/2013 View
warmane ND Spills Went Unreported; State Testing Website 10/28/2013 View
warmane Oil Spill in North Dakota Raises Detection Concerns 10/24/2013 View
warmane Calif. finds more instances of offshore fracking 10/22/2013 View
warmane In remote field, North Dakota oil boom suffers first big spill 10/11/2013 View
warmane First oil-dispersing jet aircraft to launch in December 10/11/2013 View
warmane Unplugging Bottlenecks in Oil and Gas Deliveries 10/09/2013 View
warmane Ten oil spills detected in flood-hit Colorado 09/20/2013 View
warmane Study: New natural gas development boom unlikely in Michigan despite concerns over 'fracking' 09/06/2013 View
warmane Oil Companies Frack in Coastal Waters off Calif. 08/05/2013 View
warmane U.S. Air Force to study drilling for oil off California coast 07/18/2013 View
warmane Determining how much oil spilled from BP's Gulf well 'not an easy task,' judge says 07/02/2013 View