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Induced Seismicity

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Induced Seismicity

Assessing Risk from Induced Seismicity


NRAP is approaching induced seismicity through an integrated-assessment modeling approach that couples simulations of reservoir flow, potential slip events, and propagation of the seismic signal through the overlying strata. Event potential is then assessed as a function of the evolution of pressure fronts associated with fluid injection and migration.


NRAP is utilizing and adapting several research codes for the simulation of induced seismicity. Detailed processes related to fluid flow and its impact on the pressure field in region near the reservoir is handled by a continuum-scale reservoir simulator (LLNL’s NUFT-C). Simulation of the slip event is being performed using a modified version of UC Riverside’s RSQSim, ), and the subsequent propagation of seismic waves is being simulated using LLNL’s SYNHAZ.


NRAP has developed a system platform (SIMRISK) that integrates a reservoir simulator with RSQSim and SYNHAZ by controlling information flow to and from each of these process codes.