Research from NRAP's portfolio have been spotlighted in a growing number of news articles.

These include:

• NRAP Software Developers Win Prestigious R&D 100 Award. Office of Fossil Energy News Release, November 2017.

• DOE Carbon Storage Advances Featured in International Journal. NETL News Release, August 2016.

• Better Carbon Capture through Chemistry. ACS Central Science, November 2015.

• Accessing the Risks of Storing CO2 Underground., October 2015.

• NRAP: Making a Business Case for Geologic Carbon Storage. Research News article, March 2015.

• NRAP Advances Carbon Storage through Collaboration and Partnership. Research News article, March 2015.

• Intern Designs CO2 Monitoring Network. Research News article, March 2015.

• NETL’s In-House Research Program: National Risk Assessment Program. Research News article, March 2015.

• NETL Conducts First-of-Its-Kind Shear Fracture Visualization Test. Research News article, January 2015.