NRAP-Open-IAM is an open source Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) developed by the National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) to perform risk assessment for geologic CO2 storage (GCS). The goal of NRAP-Open-IAM is to extend beyond risk assessment into risk management and containment assurance. NRAP-Open-IAM builds on many years of NRAP tool development for risk assessment, including the NRAP-IAM-CS also developed by the NRAP project. The NRAP-Open-IAM builds on the functionality of NRAP-IAM-CS within an open-source Python framework allowing NRAP-Open-IAM to: 1) take advantage of standard Python libraries and other open source analytical libraries written in Python; 2) be applied on multiple platforms; 3) have more flexible options of selecting modules for a specific study; and 4) give advanced users the option to modify the IAM to fit their need as well as enhancing the potential for community contributions to the software. The implementation of the reduced-order models and analytical tools within the NRAP-Open-IAM makes the risk assessment process computationally efficient enough to simulate an operational CO2 storage site, potential events and various scenarios in a probabilistic/ensemble manner. The NRAP-Open-IAM is equipped with capabilities to: 1) inform monitoring design; 2) assess model concordance to measured field data; 3) evaluate mitigation alternatives; and 4) provide probabilistic risk assessment and update the risk as new data becomes available.

Obtain Software

Source code:

Installation Guide

Source code:

  • Installation instructions for PC/Mac/Linux are in the `installers` folder. They can be viewed here:
  • Test of installation can be done by running `python` in the `setup` folder.
  • To run the full test suite, run `python` in the `test` folder.

Run GUI as Docker container:

  • Install Docker:
  • On MacOS/Linux, at command prompt, enter:
  • `xhost +`
  • `docker run -e DISPLAY=host.docker.internal:0 -v $(pwd)/output:/output dharp/openiam-gui:beta`

Tool Support

Related References

A User Manual is provided with the source code and can be accessed online here:
Or here (login required):

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