NETL's Advanced Offshore Research Portfolio

The objective of NETL’s Advanced Offshore Research portfolio is to build the scientific understanding and assessment tools necessary to develop confidence in the safe,  environmentally sustainable, and economic development of domestic oil and gas resources. The portfolio currently consists of six active projects that are working to improve understanding of near-term and long-term interactions between engineered (e.g. wellbores, pipelines etc) and in situ aspects of offshore hydrocarbon systems.  Ultimately, this portfolio blends laboratory studies with field and advanced computational modeling to better prepare, predict and prevent costs and impacts associated with offshore hydrocarbon development.  Through this research, NETL is advancing the state of knowledge and developing new technologies to prevent future deleterious events associated with extreme offshore drilling and production. Successful implementation of the portfolio's research objectives will ultimately increase America’s domestic oil and gas supply, reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign imports, and address the environmental and social concerns associated with development. Current projects include:

Developing tools and technologies to evaluate and predict what happens in engineered-natural systems