Applications and Tools

BLOSOM is NETL's comprehensive modeling suite for offshore blowout events, adapted for jet/plume behavior, high pressures, gas and hydrate dynamics, droplet-size distributions, and subsurface plume formation. Please see EDXtools for more information about BLOSOM.

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Energy Data Exchange is a tool to support coordination and collaboration across research efforts that require a common set of information related to subsurface energy resources.

NETL's GOM Geocube focuses on the offshore Gulf of Mexico region.  NETL's Geocubes are flexible, customizable web mapping application that concatenates key spatial datasets and information relevant to energy research needs for a given region.

GeoWELL is a map-based application that provides quick access to websites of primary sources of subsurface geologic and wellbore information for appropriate U.S. state, tribal and federal agencies.

NETL’s Variable Grid Method (VGM) is a novel approach for the communication and quantification of spatial data and uncertainty. Designed to visualize spatial data and uncertainty simultaneously, the tool allows users to create data-driven variable grids, customized to best fit their data, analyses, and uncertainty to help communicate their data in an intuitive manner.