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Kick Detection at the Bit, U.S. S-135475, detects kicks downhole when and where they occur to help operators adapt in real time and improve well control


BlowOut Spill Occurrence Model, BLOSOM©, a comprehensive, 4D, spatially-explicit modeling suite that simulates offshore blowouts and spill events

Variable Grid Method, VGM©, tool and approach that couples uncertainty information with your spatial data to effectively communicate the uncertainty in analytical results


Energy Data eXchange (EDX)™, a virtual data library and laboratory for energy R&D

Cumulative Spatial Impact Layers, CSIL™, a GIS-based set of tools that enable users to easily and efficiently summarize and evaluate spatial and temporal relationships among multivariate vector and raster data

Spatially Weighted Impact Model, SWIM™, decision support tool that incorporates spatio-temporal relationships and user defined weights to rank and compare different scenarios

Subsurface Trend Analysis, STA™, approach for reducing subsurface uncertainty and improving prediction of reservoir properties

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