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  • BlowOut & Spill Occurrence Model (BLOSOM©):  comprehensive, 4D, spatially-explicit modeling suite that simulates offshore blowouts and spill events
  • Variable Grid Method (VGM©):  tool that couples uncertainty information with spatial data to effectively communicate uncertainty in analytical results

Patents and Provisional Patents

Title Inventors U.S. Patent Number
Kick Detection at the Bit Using Wellbore Geophysics Kelly Rose, Brian Tost, Fred Aminzadeh 10,253,620


  • Energy Data eXchange (EDX™):   virtual data library and laboratory for energy research and development
  • Cumulative Spatial Impact Layers (CSIL™):  GIS-based set of tools that enable users to easily and efficiently summarize and evaluate spatial and temporal relationships among multivariate vector and raster data
  • Spatially Weighted Impact Model (SWIM™):  decision support tool that incorporates spatio-temporal relationships and user defined weights to rank and compare different scenarios
  • Subsurface Trend Analysis (STA™):  approach for reducing subsurface uncertainty and improving prediction of reservoir properties

For information about these and other NETL technologies please contact NETL’s Tech Transfer Group.