Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) 2364

CORE-CM Resource Assessment

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Manufacturing Valuable Coal-Derived Products in Southern Appalachia Collaborative Composite Solutions Corporation FE0032045
Transforming Unita Basin Earth Materials for Advanced Products (Tube-Map) University of Utah FE0032046
Core-CM in the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins: Transforming and Advancing a National Coal Asset University of Wyoming FE0032047
Powder River Basin Core-Cm: Advancing Strategies for Carbon Ore, Rare Earth Element and Critical Mineral Resource Development in the Nation’s Largest Coal Producing Basin University of Wyoming FE0032048
Illinois Basin Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Minerals Initiative University of Illinois FE0032049
Bringing Alaska’s Core-CM Potential into Perspective University of Alaska – Fairbanks FE0032050
Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Minerals (CORE-CM) Assessment of San Juan River-Raton Coal Basin, New Mexico New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology FE0032051
Consortium to Assess Northern Appalachia Resource Yield (CANARY) of CORE-CM for Advanced Materials Pennsylvania State University FE0032052
Assessment of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals in Coal and Coal Ash in the U.S. Gulf Coast University of Texas at Austin FE0032053
Mid-Appalachian Carbon Ore, Rare Earth and Critical Minerals Initiative West Virginia University Research Corporation FE0032054
Evolve Central Appalachia (Evolve CAPP) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University FE0032055
Critical Minerals in Coaly Strata of the Cherokee-Forest City Basin University of Kansas Center for Research FE0032056
Williston Basin CORE-CM Initiative University of North Dakota FE0032060

All results recorded in this template will be made publicly available on this EDX portfolio site.

Address the upstream and midstream REE and CM supply chain and downstream manufacturing of high-value, nonfuel, carbon-based products, to accelerate the realization of the full potential for carbon ores and REE-CM within regional U.S. basins

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Jessica Mullen
Technology Manager
Critical Minerals Sustainability

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