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Forum Overview

What is a forum?

The forum allows members to communicate within their Collaborative Workspace.

  • Members can create a thread based upon a topic.
  • Other members of the Collaborative Workspace can reply to the topic.
  • The forum will record all responses and is always accessible within the Collaborative Workspace.
  • Users can also use the forums to store key links associated with the Collaborative Workspace.

Create a New Forum Topic

How do I create a new forum topic?

  1. Click on the “Forum” tab.
  2. Click on “Create Topic”.
  3. Provide a Title.
  4. Provide a Description.
  5. Click “Create Topic” and the topic will be posted in the Forum.

Respond to a Forum Post

How do I respond to a forum post?

  1. Click on the “Forum” tab.
  2. Select the post that you want to respond to.
  3. Click “Post”.
  4. Provide the content you would like to post.
  5. Click “Post” and the reply will be posted in the Forum