For over a century the United States Department of Energy’s (U.S. DOE’s) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has been a world-class technology innovation center with global impact across the entire energy sector and beyond, reaching the defense and health care sectors. Today NETL continues to address critical energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing challenges by accelerating cutting-edge technological solutions that are cost effective, enable low-carbon supply chains, and create cleaner and better paying American jobs for sustained economic growth.

The Science-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Institute (SAMI) was established in 2020 and combines the strengths of NETL’s energy computational scientists, data scientists, and subject matter experts with strategic partners to drive solutions to today’s energy challenges. The institute has a vision to leverage science-based models, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) methods, data analytics, and high-performance computing to accelerate applied technology development for clean, efficient, and affordable energy production and utilization.

SAMI is supported by NETL’s cutting-edge computational infrastructure, including the Joule 2.0 supercomputer, WATT GPU-based cluster, and the Energy Data eXchange (EDX®), while additional high-performance computation facilities are in the planning stages.

To accelerate innovation while maintaining consistent practices and data integrity, SAMI has developed three research and development (R&D) pillars to overcome common AI/ML challenges:

3 Major Challenges in Applying AI/ML

SAMI leverages and enhances its smart data platform for supporting the entire life cycle of data with secure, private, collaborative workspaces for research projects, called EDX++. SAMI designs tools to curate data from the initiation to the end of a project.

SAMI focuses on science-based AI/ML modeling to inject scientific knowledge and put humans-in-the-loop by leveraging the data resources with advanced, applied energy models, and AI/ML science to derive breakthrough technology innovations for materials, subsurface, the environment, energy production, infrastructure, smart cities, energy-water systems and much more.

SAMI develops foundational standards and platforms for the responsible and sustainable development and deployment of AI/ML, ensuring that tools work in an intended manner, optimize interpretability of high-quality data sets and ensure trust in AI/ML across the energy sector.