The Science-informed Machine Learning for Accelerating Real-Time Decisions in Subsurface Applications (SMART) Initiative is a ten-year, multi-organizational effort that is transforming our understanding of the subsurface through real-time visualization, forecasting, and virtual learning.

Focus Areas:

Enable dramatic improvements in the visualization of key subsurface features and flows by exploiting machine learning to improve speed and enhance detail.

Transform reservoir management: perform rapid analysis of real-time data to inform operational decisions.

Develop a computer-based experiential learning environment to improve field development and monitoring strategies.

The SMART Initiative is funded by the Department of Energy’s Carbon Storage and Upstream Oil & Gas Programs to transform how people interact with subsurface data, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of field-scale carbon storage and unconventional oil and gas operations, respectively, by application of science-based machine learning and data analytics.

The SMART team is engaging with university, national lab, and industry partners, and is building off of data collected from field laboratories and regional partnerships that have been part of the Carbon Storage and Upstream Oil & Gas Programs during the past 15 years. The SMART team will continue to collaborate with other Program efforts — especially Regional Initiatives and field laboratories — to collect and analyze data and share insights.

The SMART Visualization Platform Prize Challenge is creating a new, intuitive data visualization tool for the subsurface environment that can be readily accessible by scientists, engineers, subsurface operators, and other decision-makers.

SMART Initiative teams funded by the Carbon Storage Program are addressing the following challenges:

                    • Real-Time Visualization: Rock Properties
                    • Real-Time Visualization: State of Stress/Pressure
                    • Real-Time Forecasting: Optimizing CO2 Storage
                    • Virtual Learning: Active CO2 Management

SMART Initiative teams funded by the Upstream Oil & Gas Programs are addressing the following challenges:

                    • Real-Time Visualization: Faults and Fracture Networks
                    • Real-Time Forecasting: Pressure Management at
                      Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL)