Research from NETL's Unconventional Resources portfolio have been spotlighted in a growing number of news articles.

These include:

•  Rare Earth Element "Tracers" Can Help Protect the Environment. Research News, November/December 2015.

•  Going Airborne to Find Old Well Sites and Detect Greenhouse Gas LeaksResearch News, September 2015.

•  GAIA and the NETL Supercomputer Create Cutting-Edge Modeling Facility. Research News, June 2015.

•  GOING TO NEW EXTREMES - Application of Advanced Sensors for Subsurface Monitoring. Research News, May 2015.

•  Science is the Key to Sustainable Shale Gas Production. Research News, February 2015.

•  Shale Gas Field Samples Analyzed with Cutting-Edge Tools. Research News, February 2015.

•  Under Pressure: What's Causing the Shake-up? Research News, February 2015.

•  NETL's In-House Research Program: Unconventional Fossil Resources. Research News, February 2015.

•  Intern's Research Will Help Protect Drinking Water. Research News, November 2014.