NETL has published resources that highlight key capabilities and activities. Resources that align to the UCR portfolio are provided below:

NETL's Variable Grid Method

Spatio-Temporal Tools & Geostatistical Approaches for Engineered-Natural Systems Risk Reduction (Mar 2017)

Geoscience Analysis, Interpretation, and Assessments Computational Facilities (Mar 2017)

EDX: NETL'S Data-Driven Tool for Science-Based Decision Making (Mar 2017)

NETL Geoimaging Characterization - CT Scanners (Feb 2017)

NETL-RIC Geomaterials Research Facilities (Feb 2017)

Subsurface Experimental Laboratory: Autoclave and Core Flow Test Facilities (Feb 2017)

Wellbore Integrity Assurance with NETL's Safe Cementing Research (Feb 2016)

Geomechanical Impacts of Shale Gas Activities (Apr 2016)

Research on Local and Regional Air Quality Impacts of Oil and Natural Gas Development (Sept 2014)

Collaborative Effort to Quantify Environmental Changes that Coincide with Shale Gas Development (Sep 2012)

Geology and Reservoir Simulation (Jul 2012)

Monitoring of Air, Land, and Water Resources during Shale Gas Production (Sep 2012)

NETL’s Fluid Chemistry Analysis Capacity (Feb 2012)

Integrated Assessment Model for Predicting Potential Risks to Groundwater and Surface Water Associated with Shale Gas Development (Oct 2011)

Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States – A Primer (April 2009)

edx logoEnergy Data Exchange is a tool to support coordination and collaboration across research efforts that require a common set of information related to subsurface energy resources.