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  • NETL


    Online web mapping tool for visualization and simple analysis of Earth-energy data files from public and DOE related sources. Geocube allows users to upload and visualize their...
  • NETL

    2005 GOM JIP - LEG I Core Recovery Log

    2005 GOM JIP - LEG I Core Recovery Log offers information on the cores recovered during this expedition and is the official recovery log from the field phase of that cruise. The...
  • subsurface data model gulf of mexico

    Five earth models were generated in SEAM Phase I to simulate a realistic earth model of a salt canopy region of the Gulf of Mexico complete with fine-scale stratigraphy that...
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  • Digital Rock Portal

    Digital Rocks is a data portal for fast storage and retrieval, sharing, organization and analysis of images of varied porous micro-structures. It has the purpose of enhancing...
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    The Lidar Data Viewer interactive map shows the current extent of lidar data for the state of Oregon, including downloadable data by 7.5 minute USGS quadrangle. The data are...
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  • EAGLE-I energy infrastructure tool

    EAGLE-I, an interactive geographic information system (GIS) that allows users to view and map the nation's energy infrastructure and obtain near real-time informational updates...
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    The Oil Pollution Act authorizes certain federal agencies, states, and Indian tribes —collectively known as natural resource trustees— to evaluate the impacts of the Deepwater...
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  • Tethys

    Tethys is a knowledge management system that actively gathers, organizes, and disseminates information on the environmental effects of marine and wind energy development.
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  • British Geologic Survey

    Opengeoscience Apps Data collections Data downloads Maps and viewers Scans & photos Web services Top data services Earthwise GeoIndex...
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  • National Geological and Geophysical Data Catalog

    his ScienceBase community represents the National Digital Catalog of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP). The National Digital Catalog...
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