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This Excel workbook, consisting of multiple tabs, summarizes NETL R&IC (Research and Innovation Center (formerly ORD - Office of Research and Development) REE field sample inventory and analytical characterization results for coal and related by-product materials that were collected from different coal regions, in various stages of the process, at various organization locations. The focus of this study is to characterize the bulk elemental concentration and mineralogy of rare earth elements in all coals and coal by-product material including: mineral matter associated with coal, fly ash, bottom ash, and post-processing/post-use materials among others.

Samples and data were collected and reflected as screening for the best available materials for use as resource materials for potential separation and recovery of REEs.

The NETL FWP REE analyses are reported on an ash basis.

Sampling and analytical efforts were performed by the following team members: Evan Granite, Elliot Roth, Tracy Bank, and Pete Rozelle.

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